5 important things about which men are silent

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What you wanted to hear but were afraid to ask.

Most men are guided by two derived from the other principles. First: what can I say, if everything is clear? Second: why to talk about it, if anything is not clear?

If you belong to a rare breed of women who are satisfied with it, and who is easily satisfied with what he’s just nearby, feel free not to read this material. If, however, you sometimes catch yourself thinking, “what are you, an infection, silent as a fish on ice?”, you may want to know about what is it that most men prefer to remain silent.

That you look amazing

You’re an hour spent in front of the mirror, striking beauty, and had every reason to expect at least some indication that he will appreciate it. But he is silent. So, for all the men to say it would still be wrong, but most likely, it is all appreciated. Just took it for granted. Especially if you’re trying to take care of myself, not only before March 8 and before going to people. And yet many men do not really understand how to voice their feelings. Even if this feeling of admiration for the beauty of his beloved. This is normal.

5 important things about which men are silent

That they missed

Finally you met! No matter, parted in the morning, running up his work, or someone you were in a geological expedition in search of oil in the Crimea. Do you expect him to violent manifestations of joy, and even better to be accompanied by words like “my only, with the wind engaged with the light illuminated, used to know you, how I’ve missed you, my soul!” And he quickly kissed on the cheek and asked what was for dinner tonight. But the fact is that for many representatives of this weird gender called “male” that the woman seems normal, is a sign of weakness. Does this mean that he is not bored? Not at all, just to tell him a lot of effort. This is normal.

5 important things about which men are silent

That they’re lonely

Well, what’s so surprising? He is the same person as you. You’re afraid of? Here he is afraid. But what he says about it? He’s a man! How can he be afraid of something? Especially to say it out loud! Especially you! It turns out that trying to remain a man in your eyes, he is left alone with their fears and loneliness. Weird? Possible. But that’s okay.

5 important things about which men are silent

That they’re jealous

You’re going out with friends, some of whom are men. Or got home late from the party, where they were in excess. If your chosen one does not behaves as vitamins hero of Shakespeare’s tragedy about the Strangler quivering of Desdemon, it does not mean that he is not jealous. Most likely, Vice versa. And even not excluded that’s jealous of anybody. But this, though not always a pleasant act of love, he considers a sign of weakness. So will continue to try not to show it. But not because it’s not jealous. Not jealous, it does not like. Do not make things up. Jealous, but said nothing. This is normal. I agree, it’s better than “do you pray at night?”.

That they worried about the correctness of his choice in life

All tend to analyze your successes and achievements, which were reached (or not reached) for the next life milestone. What went right, and what is not. And then it was better not to do. It is clear that men, who from childhood “sharpened” that all should be winners, I think about this more often my friends. And since to win in everything and always could only calm the movie stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, and your chosen occasionally have bitterly admit their inevitable defeat on this or that front. Whether it’s work or some aspect of your relationship with him. You would be glad to support him in word or deed, Yes, how to do it? He is silent! Yes, silent. And that’s okay too, because he wants to be a winner! If not in life then at least in your eyes.

5 important things about which men are silent