How not to miss a workout: 9 tips from psychologists

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Problems of motivation are a concern of everyone who decided to lose a few pounds or run your first marathon. At a time when you just can’t bring myself to tie a shoelace and gather the bag with the form, to the aid of sports psychologists. We learned how they promote themselves, and share their secrets with you.

1. Do exercises the main business of the day

Ph. D. and sports psychologist Jennifer Farrell advises to exercise at the beginning of the day: “I always try to train in the morning. This approach reduces the likelihood that I will miss the session due to some urgent matters that appeared throughout the day”. If you like a longer lie in bed in the morning, try to collect all the necessary for a workout in the evening so as not to waste time on it in the morning and to enjoy sports.

How not to miss a workout: 9 tips from psychologists
2. Do not engage alone

“I keep in mind the fact that my dog needs to get some physical activity and it allows me to stick to my training plan on the run,” says Amanda Visek, associate Professor of physical education and nutrition the George Washington University. But if you have a dog, agree with other who share your sporting views, the probability that you are going to practice, less when you have someone counting on.

3. Plan workout

The third Board from the same Amanda Visek: “If you are planning a workout in advance, then you will have less chance to miss.”

4. Don’t do what you don’t like

The fact that all your friends joined running clubs or doing crossfit, doesn’t mean Jogging or heavy physical exercise is for you. Do something that you really like, says Brandon Harris, program Director of sports psychology University Georgia southern: “You will not miss a workout if you begin to exercise on their own, and not influenced by someone’s advice or fashion.

How not to miss a workout: 9 tips from psychologists
5. Think positively

“When you are struggling to stay active and not miss a workout, just think about what you really want to do today, said Stephanie pearl, a psychotherapist and instructor at SoulCycle. — If the thought of the activity itself is not satisfying, try to think about something abstract, for example about their new comfortable sneakers or a new CD which you listen to while Jogging.

6. Remember that a perfect training does not happen

“Let’s consider the standard situation: you are a few days was restored to give it all in training, but the results do not impress. Then just think about the fact that not even the most effective thing is better than lying on the couch with a bag of chips and watch TV,” says the same gem.

How not to miss a workout: 9 tips from psychologists
7. Divide the workout

Studies show that you get the same effect from three 10-minute and one 30-minute lesson. “If you have no time to exercise, simply split it into several parts,” advises Jennifer Farrell.

8. Prioritize

Try to clearly understand why you do sports. “Take a piece of paper and a pen and write down on it what you train. This can be reducing weight, getting more energy to play with children or prevention of cardiovascular diseases,” explains Stephanie pearl.

How not to miss a workout: 9 tips from psychologists9. Treat training as a game

“You can be hard to lift yourself out of bed early in the morning for another workout, but try to imagine how great you will feel after. Or, if you have a goal, set up yourself so that every workout brings you closer to it one step, and some discomfort is just a sign that your body is getting stronger,” said Brandon Harris.