Motivates? How not to miss the right time

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▫ If you 6, and you’re from a poor family, you never know what it’s like to share with all the fancy toys, to the protection and approval of just because you parents gave. Never.

▫ If you’re 8 and you wear glasses, you’ll never know what it’s like to freak out in the yard with their peers, playing football, jumping off the garages and get into a fight. Never.

▫ If you’re 11 and on the face of your scaly spot, you never know what the first, timid and sincere kiss girls. On the cheek. But to love. Never.

▫ If you’re 14 and you’re living without a father — you never know what to beg my father the car keys and ride to Helen, screaming with delight. Never.

▫ If you are 15 and your mother, a hen, and you home boy, you’ll never know what it’s like to walk with my girlfriend, inhaling the night air with the smell of lilacs, flying to the seventh heaven of every timid touch. Alas. By the University it will be the second man. You. she will despise. She won’t even smile at you. Never.

▫ If you’re 16 and you still haven’t shown you are not smart, not talented, not beautiful, not strong, not charismatic, know that your life is already determined. You will not sit on a train and go to UNIVERSITY. Not know victory celebrations at the children’s competitions. You will not get in Newspapers. Not going to be a musician. Will not become a scientist. Will not become a leading specialist in their field. Will not even be a man with two mistresses or small head. Never.

▫ If you’re 18… Ah, Yes. How old are you? 21? I could tell that you are waiting on. As every year, slam doors. How goes the libido. As reduced learning ability. As a growing jaw, disfiguring your face. As doors slam occupations, boundaries of States. All of a sudden you find yourself in bed with the unloved woman, and I understand that it’s your wife, you have a child and you don’t get rid of her — because you’re not young anymore.

Motivates? How not to miss the right time

Nobody cares about your fantasy success. There are things that can be done only in childhood. Only 14. Only in 17. Only in 21. Only 25… There’s what not to catch. Not to catch up. Not to recover. Never. Hurry to live. There are very few.