New study: how often you should change partners?

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The Spanish psychologist Rafael Santandreu diagnoses of love.

The author of the bestseller “How not to turn your life into a nightmare” is sure that modern people misinterpret the notion of love. According to Catalan psychologist: “purely sentimental feelings contrary to human nature, the Union to the grave — aberrant behavior. That’s why love today is so bad”. Many years watching his patients, the Spaniard derived a formula of happiness. “I know that this sounds a little creepy, but to constantly feel satisfaction from life, men and women have to change regular partners every five years.” And that is the absolute maximum for co-existence, often.

Times have changed. If before monogamy “worked”, only because man, in fact, owned by a woman. The relationship is not perceived as equitable, but as the superiority of one partner over the other. But today everything is different — love evolved, and it’s time to get used to the new rules. Santandreu calls: stop to brainwash kids with fairy tales in the spirit of “and they lived happily ever after” forget the mantra “till death do us part.” You know, the theory differs from practice. Amuse themselves with empty illusions, love is not compatible with the sign of infinity, because to move in the same direction for decades, not just difficult, but virtually impossible. In addition, the “five-year plan” virtually eliminates this toxic feeling as jealousy. Learn to be happy together in the here and now, not in the future. Get out of the relationship that bring frustration and pain. If one is to understand and accept, you can get rid of many complexes and empty hopes.

Of course, in theory, Santandreu has already appeared opponents in the scientific community: the relationship evolve not only due to the positive experience, but passing through some difficulties, a crisis point that partners are quite able to overcome. And you, which side to be on?

New study: how often you should change partners?