What kind of selfie people treat you?

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And most of them don’t suffer from narcissism, as you might think.

Self very firmly embedded in our Instagram feeds, so that we were divided into opponents and adherents of this type of photography. Inspired by the phenomenon of “self”, researchers from Brigham young University in Utah, USA, published a scientific paper on the factors and reasons why people post selfies on social media. They interviewed 46 participants of the study and identified 3 archetypes among those who do self: communicators, autobiography and “self PR”.


The first type lovers self uses these photos as a tool to communicate with the audience or as a way to start a discussion, a discussion in the comments. A good example of such a communication, the recent elections in the United States – then a number of American stars published self from the polling stations or in t-shirts reading “I voted”. Thus stars stimulated its users to vote or simply provoked to Express your opinion in the comments. The first type of Selfie-Takers can be ranked Lady Gaga or Leonardo Di Caprio, who in his Instagram draws attention to problems of ecology.

What kind of selfie people treat you?What kind of selfie people treat you?

People of this type are used for self “documenting” his own life, that’s obvious from the title. Travel, a new job, or a boyfriend, doesn’t matter. To report news of their lives, they use it a self-portrait. Among fans self of the second type can be mentioned astronaut Scott Kelly, who shared photos during his journey in space or blogger Kiara Ferrari, which is self shares his bows or daily activities.

What kind of selfie people treat you? What kind of selfie people treat you?

“Self PR”

The third type and the most numerous – it is “self-PR”. People who suffer from narcissism and firmly believe that their whole life should become public knowledge. “Documenting their lives, including using self, such people try to show their life in the best light, to create the image of a perfect and successful person,” says study co-author Harper Anderson. The third type include all seven ‘s Kardashians, sisters Hadid and Taylor swift.

What kind of selfie people treat you? What kind of selfie people treat you? What kind of selfie people treat you? What kind of selfie people treat you?