In the Netherlands will build a road made of plastic

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The first such road will be available in 2017.

In the Netherlands are going to build roads from plastic and it is not a joke. The first such track will appear in 2017, it will be collected from special modules. It is noted that the design is able to withstand the same load which is subject to the asphalt.

If you compare the plastic with the usual way, the new modules are much lighter weight that makes them easy to transport to any location. In addition, the soil under them sags much less. In the construction of road will be provided cavity, in which it will be possible to cables and any other necessary communications. Most interesting is that such plastic roads are very environmentally friendly, and after the service, their operation can be recycled and reused.

“We together with the companies Total and Wavin have the knowledge, experience and capabilities to implement such a project,” – said the inventors.

The idea of creating roads out of recycled plastic appeared in 2015, when the Dutch company introduced the concept to replace asphalt roads on the analogues.

For cool and fashionable roads made of plastic and cars have to drive relevant: perhaps in the near future the world will completely go to electric cars.