The myth of a bitch: Whom actually prefer men?

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There is a perception that men like unavailable women, arrogant bitches and narcissistic and self-centered. And it turns out to be a lie – that is not the case. Psychologists have a surprise to all who managed to “get into character” and feel like a bitch.

Responsiveness or, conversely, callousness have an enormous influence on the rating men, our sexual attractiveness. Men prefer “good girls” and are easily “hooked” on the attention and sympathy.

The myth of a bitch: Whom actually prefer men?“Bad” girl Miley Cyrus

An international team of psychologists: specialists from the Interdisciplinary center in Herzliya (Israel), the University of Rochester in new York, and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (USA) conducted a series of three tests, each of which were attended by 80 to 161 students.

Prior to testing all the guys-participants of the test showed the same photo of the girl (and each of them thought that the girls in all the pictures are different). During the tests, each participant (male) was talking with a member of the opposite sex: or online without seeing the interviewee or alive. During the conversation every guy raised their problems and failures, for example, talked about a failed exam. Companion reacted or responsive and sympathetic (e.g., “how difficult it must be for you had”), or callous and indifferent (“in my opinion, nothing special”). After discussions, the participants evaluated their potential partners on scales responsiveness, sexual attractiveness and femininity.

The myth of a bitch: Whom actually prefer men?…and sweetheart Kate Middleton

The result was shocking. Girls who during intercourse had shown the qualities of care, attention, ability to feel other people’s problems and empathize with, in other words, the responsiveness of the guys found it more feminine and more sexually attractive. Indifferent and cold the girls were not considered sexual, none of the tested guys.

Another researcher, Eli Finkel, says: “a Man can be sympathetic or not, it does not affect its attractiveness. Women are deprived of such luxuries: in order to be liked they have to be nice.”

So much for the news. So, if you’re nice – you’re very lucky!