The mystery of the white gloves in the Disney cartoons

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We often don’t notice obvious things. For example, have you ever wondered why many of the characters in Disney cartoons wearing white gloves? We decided to clarify this riddle and made some amazing discoveries.

A bit of history

The creation of cartoons even in our computer age — the process is time-consuming and costly. And in the 20es of XX century, each frame had to be drawn manually. Needed techniques that would help to speed up the process. So toon began to draw without excessive detail: with big heads and eyes, slim and long legs and hands with four fingers. But there was an unexpected problem.

Fuzzy black-and-white film is often not possible to distinguish arms and legs of the character on the background of his black body. Needed to achieve color contrast.

One simple innovation solved this problem. In may 1928 he published the first cartoon with Mickey mouse. Then the hero was still completely black legs. Six months later saw the premiere of “Steamboat Willie”, where the famous mouse appears already in the shoes. In 1929, the viewer first saw Mickey in white gloves.

The mystery of the white gloves in the Disney cartoons

Later, Walt Disney admitted in his biography:

“We didn’t want to have Mickey mouse was mouse’s paws, he had to be more human. So we put on his gloves”.

Three main reasons why cartoon characters wear gloves

Good reception with gloves helped to solve 3 problems:

– the drawing process became more effective, as it does not have to spend too much time on details;

– the artists were able to focus on feet black and white the characters and their gestures;

– drawn heroes managed to give “humanity”.

Reception with the gloves has been so successful that it began to be used even competitors of Disney.

The mystery of the white gloves in the Disney cartoons

A noteworthy accessory we can still watch the woody woodpecker and rabbit Bunny — characters Universal Pictures and Warner Brothers.