You must see this! Vegetable orchestra from Austria

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Well, very cool!

Eighteen years of age. Eighteen years they do it. Sounds unbelievable, but there is so much orchestra that plays on very specific instruments. Vegetables. Don’t believe? So see for yourself.

This is a common vegetables. Ordinary musicians. Yes, but no! Enthusiasts from Vienna (as we call them) many years ago came up with their entertainment: they buy on the market a lot of vegetables and process them within three hours (give the vegetables and fruits in the form of musical instruments). All concert are ready!

Vegetables and fruits the musicians are divided into three groups. First they do not particularly do — for example, one small pumpkin perfectly replaces the drum kit. The second group of vegetables only need to cut and fit as musical instruments. The third group had a good Tinker, but the result is worth it. So, three hours usual carrot turns clarinet, and cucumber in a flute. This, incidentally, waste-free production. Of the ingredients that remain in the process of creating the instruments, the musicians make soup. They treat the audience after the concert.

You must see this! Vegetable orchestra from Austria

Not surprisingly, the tickets to fly to cheer. Vegetable orchestra is the topic! By the way, the band is actively touring. So if you want to visit an unusual performance tour schedule vegetable orchestra free. The nearest stop is Bonn German!