What must be done before each trip

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You can’t just take off — to depart, to leave. To during a vacation or business trip things went awry, Likestory.net have compiled for you a checklist of what needs to get done before you travel. Only the most important things!

For the month

Alert about the departure of colleagues and friends

If you know how to carefully plan your trips, you are lucky. Once you learn your departure date, write it down and begin to warn colleagues and friends that will leave. So you most likely will resolve many pending questions, and your karma after departure will not be spoiled.

Book hotels, flights, restaurants…

It is not just expand your choice and would be a very reasonable solution. For example, purchased for three months for a train ticket in England will cost you 11 pounds, while a day trip it will cost about 80 pounds.

What must be done before each trip

Prepare documents

Get your visa and pay the insurance. No passport? Hurry up to get it. By the way, if you travel frequently, for convenience, make two of the passport (by law it is not prohibited). So you will be easier to get the visa if your trip will be close to each other timing (for example, with one passport, you can go to Thailand and the second at this time to submit to the Embassy for obtaining a Schengen visa).

For the week

Close all current projects and do not handle new

At the last moment certainly require something to finish, and this time you will not. And keep in mind that on your return you will need two or three days for the jet lag, the analysis of the accumulated correspondence and the solution of urgent cases.

What must be done before each trip

Make sure that all the necessary in place

For example, such things as business cards, lenses, first-aid kit with medicines, adapter for sockets and the like. To run to the shops to buy them at the last moment, so so fun.

Prepare clothes and shoes

Wash and iron  all the things that are going to take with you. Requires dry cleaning or Shoe repair? This, too, should think in advance.

Check my schedule

If you need to reschedule an appointment with a friend, a visit to the doctor, driving lesson, or planned exercise, time to do it. Visit parents and be with family, not in a hurry.

Pay utility bills

Try to do it at least 3-4 days before the trip. At the end of the year and so have a lot of expenses (buying gifts, paying taxes, etc.), so upon return you will definitely be not up to the fees.

What must be done before each trip

Order your food on the plane or train

To do this the day before the trip is unlikely to succeed, but for a week — completely. As a result, you will get a healthy and delicious serving of lunch on Board or in the train.

Download useful information

Download city guides, travel apps and phrase books to your smartphone or tablet. During the trip they will definitely come in handy.

Find assistant

Ask family, friends or neighbors to water the flowers and/or monitor Pets during your departure.

The day

Pack your bags

If you have the opportunity to take some time off, do it. Don’t put in the suitcase is a passport and money — keep them in your pocket or put in your hand Luggage.

What must be done before each trip

Sign up for the flight and book a taxi

Or buy Aeroexpress tickets online, so you will be cheaper.

Charge gadgets

Put on charge all devices (player, clock, phone, laptop, etc) that is going to take a trip.

Attach the Bank card to foreign currency account

In this case, the Commission will be less.

Set up a mail autoresponder

Don’t forget to specify your date of return and method of communication with you if you go on a business trip.

What must be done before each trip

Water the flowers and clean up around

Agree to return to a clean apartment is much nicer than in a mess. During cleaning don’t forget to look in the fridge and make sure that all the remaining products in it “survive” until your return.

On the day of departure

Take out the garbage, turn off the gas and disconnect the water

This will take a little time, but will save your nerves. There is nothing worse than to come home and discover a flooded apartment with angry neighbors.

What must be done before each trip

Disable 3G mode when I’m in the airport

You know how quickly roaming “eats” savings, but digital detox never hurt anyone.