In what month the girl was born, and this character. This is exactly right!

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I do not know, how it turns, but born in the same month people often have similar traits. We decided to find out what is in common between different girls who share a birth month. And this is what came out!


The January girl was incredibly ambitious, but serious and even conservative. They can be very critical, but, nevertheless, I do not like to talk about their feelings. They admit to themselves only to people of their intellectual level and of similar views.


Born in February – romantic nature, and in dealing with them need to show exceptional patience. Them not everyone will understand because of the constant change of mood. Them by nature is given the ability to think abstractly. And if you betray them, then more will not see!


The March cats. Charisma and charm. This loyal and devoted nature, who fall in love easily. They can be charming and nice as long as you don’t upset anything. But anyway — to live with a person who was born in March, is a pleasure.


In April, as a rule, are born girls, are able to easily establish relationships with almost anyone, and endowed with the qualities of a diplomat. However, most of them are quite jealous, and if you broke their trust, it is better to clean yourself. At the same time, the April girl can make you the happiest man on Earth. They are opened to those who gain their trust.


May is the month of women, whose nature is permanence and commitment. They are very attractive, which, however, often combined with a heavy character, and under the threat gets any man who had the misfortune to fall in love. Because if you met the may thing, you will never forget. Do not try.


Curious, communicative and creative — the three main characteristics of the June ladies. The problem is that they speak first and then think. But they better tell the truth in the eye than behind. And Yes, by the way, they should be afraid of a man can easily become a toy in their little hands.


Girls who are lucky enough to be born in the middle of the summer — honest, beautiful, mysterious, and very smart. They do not like conflicts and very honest with everyone. But, if you cheat once, will lose forever. Remember that.


Those born in August are life amazing mix of ego and a big kind heart. It is not necessary to quarrel with them, sooner or later a girl will still win. August women is endowed with an exceptional sense of humor, but can not stand the ridicule and mockery over herself. If you made such an appeal, you’ll never know where it will arrive the answer. They always like to be the center of attention, and its lack from the opposite sex, they almost never suffer. In their presence men literally lose their heads.


This month disciplined, kind and beautiful women. They never forgive traitors. And if you hurt them, they will seek revenge. You’ll find her. They value long term relationships, never one night. At the same time they have high demands regarding partner. As they say, will survive only those who are worthy.


The October girl has a strong character, great intellect and closed to the public. Their souls are not open to everyone and not always, afraid that they go spit. Other women often dislike those born in October because of envy.


It is women who are ahead of the rest and is easy to recognize the lie. Don’t play with them is playing with fire. Everything you need to know about these girls is that you should never ask their opinions, if you are not ready to hear the truth.


In December are born impatient, but the lucky young ladies. They will always find a way to get away with it. They know how to cheer you up and endowed with an open heart. They do not just hurt lives, but, apparently, God favors them, because in the end they got what they wanted.