The month of Aquarius: Horoscope for February 2017

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If you are expecting tips or the sign, then perhaps he is in this material



You suddenly want gratitude from their loved ones. A road to nowhere. Your life is not a competition where are counted the points. Keep doing what you’re doing, and the end of the month will help with extra motivation.



Maybe stubbornness is your trump card? Yes, until he is nothing but trouble, but hard to beat if in the same point, one day the wall will collapse. Armed with this knowledge, start with a clean slate. For you nothing is impossible.



How much effort nor applied, the result leaves much to be desired. Maybe you always want a little more? In February, your opportunities will grow. A little while, and you will learn how to use them.



A month of great discoveries. Safely opt for new enterprises, feel free to reply to an unexpected proposal. About what happened, think later. During this time, you can catch a lot.



In February, your desires are a little behind the possibilities: is something to want, as there are new options. In order not to fall into apathy, set goals with a margin, leave space for maneuver.



You feel the pressure. Do not worry, the desire to break free is a natural reaction. But when you are ready, try not to look back. It will not be easy. Anyway, you were already there and you do not like.



Closer to the second half of February to start new projects. You will be surprised how everything has become more accessible and easier to understand. Favorable period even for dubious adventurous endeavors. Luck is on your side.



Think about whether you want to win. Perfect if you don’t feel for the opponent’s feelings, but if you care for him? You have every chance to prove his innocence, although whether satisfied with the result — only you can decide.



The principles work on the result, the responsibility — all of this distracts you from the main. Switch to yourself and honestly answer: what is important to you personally? Don’t rush, the answer is not so obvious. You need to set new priorities.



If life was fair, you would have received the Nobel prize. But justice is only one of the markers that helps us to understand what is happening. The good news: in February, you will advance in understanding. Rewarding experience.



How long are you going to keep it all inside? You do not want to conflict and hurt a close person? Try not to go through denial. Focus on what you want. When this is all behind us sum up.



What if your desires conflict with each other? The obvious solution is to try to combine them. But no. Focus on solving one problem, then move on to the next. From your peace of mind much depends.