Mom boss: 5 business ideas for women on maternity leave

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Share with moms business ideas, which will not prevent to care for the baby.

To be mom and dad — always great work. But hardly anyone of us is enough just parental worries, full of happiness.

On maternity leave at mom every minute counts, and rarely find time for themselves and their own development. This comes periods of sadness and helplessness, as the calendar turns to a continuous “Groundhog day”.

We believe that the birth of a child should not give up on your ambitions and creative potential and know that the extra money never hurts. In addition, the mother is sometimes useful distraction and to engage in other areas.

If you have the strength and energy for new achievements and you “closely” in the decree, then we are eager to share ideas for business success.

We specifically studied popular accounts on Instagram and other social networks and figure out how to make energetic women with one, two and even three children. All moms (and dads!) note!

Mom boss: 5 business ideas for women on maternity leave


Let some joke that today all suddenly become bloggers. But for every useful information will find your grateful reader. And who, if not a young mother, there is something to tell to the future parents.

Our advice: sign up on one of the platforms with online and start blogging regularly to share their life hacks, holiday experience, contacts, good doctors and teachers, secrets of psychologists and personal observations. Take more pictures and share joyful and painful, and this blog not only becomes your family archive, but also will attract a large audience.

The easiest way to share what occupies most of your time, so write about motherhood. Now this is your horse!

Can you tell us a bit about everything, and can choose a more specific topic. For example, during pregnancy I took classes for expectant mothers, and one of the lectures read the children’s doctor-the sleep (specialist in sleep disorders). At the time, she got a bit of experience with impressionable daughter, but then was able to develop her own method of healthy sleep and now advises “sleepless” of the family. So their “pain” can always be transformed into a successful profession.

In addition, many young mothers begin to actively explore breastfeeding and gradually grow into professionals who help to establish lactation in the first days of baby’s life. It is often turn to them for inexperienced parents who are faced with mastitis and lack of milk.

Popular destinations: test drives children’s products, parenting tips and help, breastfeeding.


If blogging does not appeal to you, then switch to another popular field — guide photo.

Yeah, someone with a contemptuous frown and think: “Now everything had suddenly become photographers.” I agree, but in this profession, as in any other, are always few good people. Therefore, your task is to find your own style, constantly perfecting the skill, and to win their audience.

Start small: learn how to use a camera or camcorder, leave your gadget on walks with children, either at home or in travel. Constantly throw yourself a challenge: invent stories, shoot at different times of day and night and under different weather conditions. Be inspired by works of other photographers or operators, do not hesitate and write to them, ask questions, behave differently to the students. After a few months, this vigorous study, you will be able to post decent shots and take the first orders.

In recent years become very popular photographers who shoot newborns. Typically, such specialists little, and their schedules are booked for months ahead. Learn the nuances of working with babies, practice on your baby, and then locate a seamstress or a decorator who will create lovely things for your tiny clients: knitted hats with ears, miniature toys, a wicker basket with fluffy blankets…

Very soon you have no end of clients!

Popular destinations: love story, wedding and family photography, children’s photo shoot.

Mom boss: 5 business ideas for women on maternity leave


One of my friends — she does social media strategies and brand promotion in the Network, with a sigh, “complains” that her mother earns a lot more on Instagram-orders. Imagine my surprise when I learned what makes a mother, she knits blankets, women’s clothes and accessories.

Maybe young mothers and I can not believe, but to make needlework more than real. Moreover, if you regularly post images of their work, knit or sew quickly and accurately (and a lot of money), you won’t even need to invest in advertising: here, as in Bulgakov, “they themselves will offer and give everything”.

For example, I follow you on Instagram for a young knitter who first picked up needles in January 2015, and now she is booked for several months ahead, and she earns not only on finished items (especially popular with adults and baby hats with ears), but it invented the pattern.

In the Network there are many lessons, which teach the basics of crochet and knitting, modeling and sewing of clothes, there are patterns of unusual gizmos and foreign yarn.

Many well-known schools of cutting and sewing there are online courses where you can learn, even from the comfort of home. So a little invest in their education and supplies, and soon you will be able to knit and sew clothes to order, or at least will be able to create a warm and cozy stuff for their loved ones.

Popular areas: fashion design, knitting, online lessons, patterns and workshops.

Mom boss: 5 business ideas for women on maternity leave


Many young mothers on maternity leave are beginning to learn complex recipes and indulge with delicious home baking, and culinary experiments. This is a passion and women to “breeding” (the creation of comfort for his family), and the desire to show their creative power.

Anyway, this stock of positive energy can and should be spent not only for family dinners. On this basis it is possible to make a successful business that will grow by leaps and bounds (which in this paragraph without “delicious” metaphor)!

A friend of mine for several years now bakes cakes and cupcakes to order (it looks like a reed — lucky girl!). Some time ago she has started to work with a girl who organized her wedding. Now the wedding organizer often directed to her future newlyweds, and together they come up with a design and stuffing for cake and sweets.

Such business has many advantages. You can work at home (especially at first while you take low volume orders), and, therefore, your child will always be supervised.

If your child is very small, it almost will not interfere with your first steps in the culinary field. And when he grows up, you are already playing will prepare the fondant, kneading any dough on the eyes and sculpting cream roses of which it will be impossible to distinguish from the real thing. Well, my husband will always be yummy, too, so he’ll definitely appreciate this concern.

Popular destinations: cakes and cupcakes to order, ginger biscuits, sweets with edible photos.

Mom boss: 5 business ideas for women on maternity leave


Every night you tell your child a story? Or confidentially talk with my future baby, gently stroking the belly? So why not record these magical legends and history, and then to produce a book, dedicating it to son or daughter?

Be inspired by the success of the stars, which were also distant from the writing, but eventually published his book of fairy tales: Madonna, Shakira, Jim Carrey, Paul McCartney — they were not only talented musicians and actors, but also children’s authors.

Don’t like fairy tales? Write about what you wonder. Make a selection of stories on travel, think of a movie script, compose lyrics — Muse exactly circling somewhere nearby, because for moms its main source of inspiration is her children. Retrieved on personal experience.

Popular areas: business strategy, time management, coaching, children’s literature.