Mom asked Internet users to help her open the Cabinet, and that’s what got tips

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Drop all what your doing and hurry up: there is a problem! One young mother was puzzled netizens question how to open the door of the sideboard, the glass of which is a pile of falling plates?

The poor woman had signed his picture: “the Cabinet, which can never be opened.”

But we also know that you should never say “never”, especially on the Internet. The army armed by the Soviets forces rushed to help.

Mom asked Internet users to help her open the Cabinet, and that's what got tips

Here are some of them. (By the way, what would you advise?)

1. “This is an economic issue: if the plates are cheap, open the door. If the plate is indispensable, break the glass on the right”.

2. “Build is completely identical to the house next to your existing house. With only one difference: in the new house. now the plates are neatly folded on the shelf. Then remove the old house”.

3. “Flood the house and then open the cupboard without any risk!”

4. “Contact magic, contact with magicians, turn back the clock or stop it, and fold plates again! Something!”

5. “Tilt the Cabinet backwards, and then open”.

6. “Sell the wardrobe to the Museum and call it “Frozen in time”.

7. “Die and rise the same time when the plates stood neatly folded”.

8. “Try turning it off and then re-enable”.

9. “Open one door and fill the space with foam”.

10. “Tie a ribbon rack and store in this form for a dowry for my daughter or future grandchildren.”