7 reasons why relationships end very quickly

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Our parents chose a couple once and for life. Now, some people change their partners as gloves. You wonder why this is happening?

In each pair there are problems. And instead of trying to solve it, people break up.

Likestory.net decided to help you to deal with this.

1.We do not correctly interpret the concept of love.

We spent 3 days together and ready for the whole world to scream that this is love. A week later break up. Why? We mistakenly confuse love with love or just sympathy. You need to seriously approach this issue. Love tested by time.

2. Partner we pay too little attention.

People are so concerned about  the building of his career that in the pursuit of material goods, too little time is left for love. And love can’t stand it!

3. We expected too much

We are not ready to wait, to fight, to change. And relations are not immediately perfect. Everything comes with time. Only most of us are not ready to wait.

4. We are afraid of permanence.

The idea to associate yourself with one person for life, scares us. We are afraid to lose freedom. And in the end left alone.

5. Making love and love are not the same

Making love   outside of marriage has become the norm. People  to make love to satisfy their needs and continue to live their free life. But what about values and principles?

6. We do not try to avoid burns

People fear that the relationship will bring disappointment, emotional pain or even break their heart. And therefore avoid relationships altogether.

7. Relationship impaired

The relationship for people  has ceased to be in the first place. All now yearn to be free and independent.