What is mindful eating and how it will help you lose weight

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Likestory.net decided to tell you why the transition to mindful eating is a good way not only to lose weight and change your taste habits, but also to love and respect themselves.

The essence of the conscious power

Practice conscious power — a phenomenon that has come to us from Buddhism, and despite the fact that it exists for quite some time, a surge of interest in this topic is largely associated with the advent of fashion for a healthy lifestyle. It is the consciousness of power is the opposite of eating “on the machine” — a situation when people mindlessly throws itself into the food is unacceptable. In addition, the awareness by itself does not mean that people should eat only healthy foods.

Categories “harmful”, “useful”, “right”, “wrong” with this approach do not exist. The point is that consuming the food consciously, we teach the body to recognize, what, when, and in what quantities he needs. That is, even if one strictly follows the principles of healthy nutrition, but does it automatically or forcibly pushing food into itself, the positive effect of this “diet” he is unlikely to achieve. Conditional: not every carrot will benefit if it is not eaten on time or against the desire.

Mindfulness involves the rejection of external reference points, dictating what and how to eat, and the abandonment of the ratings (no self-flagellation, and no guilt in eating a hamburger). Eating consciously, we learn to listen to yourself and recognize a situation when we really want to eat and when we are driven by emotion or we have to put pressure by external factors. In other words, there are some automatic triggers that encourage us to eat something. Here you have come to the cinema and see that everyone is eating popcorn. Everyone is eating, and hence you need. Or you go by cooking and smell the fresh baking. Perhaps you are not very hungry, but still went and bought some brioche, so how do you like the smell. That is, external triggers are not about food per se, it’s about stereotypes and about habits. And it is important to be able to discern these things — that is, either you like the smell, or you are hungry and want to eat.

What is mindful eating and how it will help you lose weight
Since the practice of mindfulness means focusing on their own feelings, no senses are not enough. The fact that we think a lot and sometimes completely forget about your body. We pay attention to it only when we have something hurts, if we are bad. And the concentration on what and how we eat, allows you to get away from the thoughts and go to a new sensory level of cognition. The idea of mindfulness is to teach people how to get information from the outside world in “pure” — raw evaluative thinking.

Mindfulness helps you to catch the pleasure that we had not noticed before. We always somewhere to run, somewhere to go, and concentration on the five senses helps to stop and focus on myself, on what happens here and now. Man in principle is very hard to distract from their thoughts, and then we told him: “Focus on what you eat, the sensations that you feel.” And, people will switch. In many Eastern practices, the process of eating — it’s all meditation. For example, the tea ceremony is no hurry — everyone is watching the process and enjoying the moment.

What is mindful eating and how it will help you lose weight

The principles of conscious power

Do not be distracted

The principle of mindfulness is that each moment people were focused on one thing. So sitting behind the table, remove everything that can distract you from eating — turn off the TV, radio and telephone. Your attention should be focused on the food, and everything else is superfluous. Remember: if the person ignores their own feelings and in parallel, talking to someone or watching TV, it is likely that he eats more than he actually needs.

What is mindful eating and how it will help you lose weight

Eat slowly and in small portions

When you eat, try to do it slowly, listening to your own feelings. Feel like you chew the food, recognize its taste, capture its texture, and swallowing, try to catch the sensation that occurs when food enters the esophagus. This slowness will allow you to track your level of saturation. That is, you will not have until yet hardly able to leave the table, but until then, until you feel full. And the rule is to measure the level of hunger on a scale from 0 to 10 before and after eating.

What is mindful eating and how it will help you lose weight
Discard estimates and shortcuts

The principle of lucidity implies judgmental attitude to what we eat. That is, to blame themselves for eaten bun is completely useless. Save yourself from the estimates from unnecessary comparisons with others and from labels “good food” and “bad food”. So you can free yourself from stereotypes and learn to distinguish between the physiological needs of the organism in foods and external triggers, as discussed above.

What is mindful eating and how it will help you lose weight
Respect for the foods you eat

Food is not fuel, and respect to food means to understand its value. For example, there is a “raisin” meditation, when the person is not in a hurry to absorb the flavor that is on his plate and examines it before this — he thinks, where the highlight came from some South edges, carefully examines it, holds in his hands, slightly biting into. That is, for him the process of food intake is a special act and not just a formality.

What is mindful eating and how it will help you lose weight
How to start eating consciously

The transition to conscious eating should be gradual — no need to immediately try to eat both Breakfast and lunch, and dinner consciously. You should start with simple exercises. For example, once a week, allocate yourself 20 minutes (the brain receives a signal of saturation in 20 minutes after the start of the meal), during which you remove all the distractions and just eat. In this case, your task — to eat as slowly as possible. If you fear that you will return to the usual speed, then take a fork (or spoon) in the other hand, so the process will definitely be slowed down. Eat and fully focus on the food — first focus on her appearance, her color, then slowly start to break off pieces and put them in his mouth. Focus on the sensations in the mouth, to the sensations in the esophagus. And of course, the main thing is allow yourself to dissolve in the process let yourself be in the here and now. Remember: you eat to the point until you feel saturated. That is, even if you put your usual portion, but felt that he had eaten before the plate was empty, then don’t force yourself to eat everything to the end, better put.

If you don’t have twenty minutes, you can repeat this exercise for five minutes with a piece of Apple or candy. Thus you will get rid of old habits “automatic” to throw in their own food or form a new habit of eating mindfully. You will learn to understand your body — and this is very important for people with eating disorders and those who are just watching their health.

What is mindful eating and how it will help you lose weight
But that’s not all. Mindful eating helps to reveal those aspects of life whose existence you had not even guessed. For example, each person has a set of products that not give him the satisfaction, but nevertheless he continues to eat them. And practice of conscious power allows to understand that, for example, the carrot was that everyone recommended, he really doesn’t like, and instead it makes sense to try something else. Food should be fun, and in this sense, the understanding of one’s own emotions helps a person to expand your diet. A person begins to explore their needs — trying that recently it was unfamiliar and unusual. He is used to eat varied, thus extending its borders. And often people refuse the so-called harmful products, because starting to focus on the sensations, you know that the taste of those chips or the hamburger they really don’t like. That is, absorbing junk food consciously, they finally start to feel its real taste. And the man himself refuses such products — he’s doing this not because they are “harmful” (the forbidden fruit is always sweet), but because they just taste good. So, according to a study conducted in the USA, overweight people have dropped to an average of four pounds over the six-week course of conscious power, and women suffering from eating, (this is the data of another study) by the end of completion of the course the number of episodes of overeating decreased from 4 to 1.5 times a week.

What is mindful eating and how it will help you lose weight
Still, the main plus of the conscious power lies in the fact that this approach not only cultivates respect for the food, but also respect to yourself and to your body. And he deserves a better life. Agree, when people overeat, it feels heavy, it is bad and he reproaches himself for it. But everything is repeated and a vicious circle. However, when we begin to hear their needs and to focus on our desires, our relationship to ourselves changes. The quality of life changes. We begin to feel anew. We find freedom.

What is mindful eating and how it will help you lose weight