What if you give a gift to those who have never received them

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Roman Atwood from the U.S. state of Ohio loves to shoot various funny videos that are gaining a huge number of views. Once he was even arrested for disorderly conduct during filming, but this time the Novel has no complaints.

Before Christmas together with his friends novel changed into assistants of Santa Claus and decided to make a homeless of the city. Some of them were delivered by the tree, near which is located gifts. Everyone could choose all that your heart desires.

But the most interesting thing happened next. While some homeless slept on the benches of the novel together with a friend, put them near the Christmas tree and arranged the gifts. The reaction of these people upon waking, you can see in this video…

I was particularly amused by the guy who started sending kisses to the sky, when he saw that gave him a blanket and socks. In General, the action was very funny.