The strongest willed person who overcame deafness, wanting to sing!

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Maxim Fadeev – producer, composer and songwriter of such popular contemporary performers like Nargis and the band is Silver, but his talents do not end there. This brilliant man also sings beautifully.

His last song is the soundtrack to the animated film “Savva. The heart of war”, which he also directed. The prototype of the hero of the movie is his son Sam, and perhaps that is why the song is so soulful and strong.

Fate was cruel to Maxim Alexandrovich in his youth, he survived heart surgery and a near death experience. After was the loss of a firstborn, and a few years later he began to rapidly lose his hearing until he is completely deaf.

For composer and singer it is like death. Gradually turned away from him almost the entire show business, and the phone, which for many years did not stop with the calls subsided. Suddenly best composer of Russia became useless.

Next left only the most faithful and loyal, among them Nikolai Baskov and singer Lolita. Even in the last year called him with every concert, left up on the stage and asked the audience to applaud Maxim and wish him good health.

Traditional medicine has not left him no chance for recovery. And when he, having reached despair, was packing to leave as a hermit in the forest, knowing that he could survive there, he got a text.

His friend, an influential businessman, spoke about the Chinese healer who works wonders. Not believing in anything, it is to be nice decided to go through one session of acupuncture. But what was his surprise when after the first procedure, he, for a long time not hearing anything at all, suddenly felt a slight rumbling in my ears.

For Roman it was a real event, and he, not believing until the end in the recovery still took a full course of treatment. The result of this decision is the song above and I want to believe that she’s not the last!