Should the man pay the woman?

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In the era of the struggle for gender equality is the answer to the question of whether a man pays for a woman, it would seem, is obvious: which obligations can be discussed when women are all the forces be equal, sometimes earn more than men and, in General, does not need financial support? Not exhausted themselves whether this ancient stereotype? However, if you think about it, relationships — romantic, friendship and business do not necessarily surrender to logic dry: it’s always a game, where rules are variable and there is a place of tradition, and deviates from them.


In the famous American Comedy “Look who’s talking” fan of the main character, mistakenly believing her to be emancipated miss Independent, does not dare to open before the days of the door, pay for dinner and even buy movie tickets — in order to avoid the wrath of the ardent feminists. Jokes aside, but such behavior of men today is to be expected, especially if you are from different countries: foreign culture treats the issue of money a little differently than the Russian tradition. So, the Americans see nothing wrong with a woman paying for herself, Europeans, too, often share the expense equally, and very often with the submission of the women, who thus demonstrate their independence. So if a man offers to pay your coffee, don’t make conclusions about his bad manners or that you are allegedly not pretty: it only acts in accordance with the usual rules and do not wish to offend you.

Should the man pay the woman?


Payment account on the first date is traditionally considered the prerogative of the stronger sex, and it’s not just a question of etiquette. Even in the modern era of equality men want from the first meeting to demonstrate their reliability and responsibility, and paying for dinner is one of the ways to do it. Do not deprive them of this pleasure, moreover, that this part of Dating can say a lot about your counterpart: for example, if you appreciate the man’s generosity, you are unlikely to appeal to the fan who, after seeing the bill, begins aloud to complain about the high cost of the restaurant or out of greed, refuses the waiter deserved a tip.

An exception can be made in the case when you definitely do not intend to meet with the cavalier in the future: polite, but persistent, offer to pay the bill together will be to your fan’s unequivocal signal that a second date can be expected. However, according to statistics, for the majority of men, even a bad rendezvous is no reason to shift the charges on the fragile female shoulders are unspoken male rules of etiquette.

Should the man pay the woman?


Spontaneous friendly gatherings are usually paid “chipped”, but if a man persistently asks to let him pay the bill, do not give up and do not consider this gesture reprehensible — believe me, your friend will be sincerely happy to be a gentleman, even if it is associated with you solely friendly relationship. As for business meetings, in business there are laws that are different from romantic and intimate, even in small ways — including financial — here is the caution. Business dinners usually paid by the inviting party, even if it is a woman, and invited a man. In most cases the man, following the etiquette, offer to split the cost or pay the whole bill — but this is the case when a nice gesture is to say no.


Each couple builds its own financial policy in its sole discretion, and the unique rules here and there can not be. Someone follows the traditional theory that “bring home the mammoth” — the duty of men, and the woman should be the mistress and inspirer, but not earn. Someone, on the contrary, it seems that in the 21st century, the lot of beautiful ladies cannot be limited to a stove and washing, and they can (and should) strive for independence and to provide for the family along with your loved ones. Statistics, however, suggests that traditional notions of men as breadwinners is still strong: even in long-term relationships, men in 60% of cases will bear the costs relating to the joint entertainment and appearances. In addition, 40% of men (compared to only 18% of women) stated that they fully pay for all household expenses in the family. To follow the General trend or set your own rules — you decide.

Should the man pay the woman?