How to make life in the office pleasant and healthy

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Following our tips you will not want to eat a sandwich over your keyboard.

8 hours a day, 5 days a week (and it is at least) many of us spend in an office behind a computer. offers also carefully inspected the work and make helpful adjustments in the atmosphere and in your habits. We are talking about your health!

If you work from home, it is still read – will tell friends.

1. A breathe of fresh air

Fresh air is necessary, the head will work better, you’ll be able to concentrate. To rely on air conditioning is not: the Us national Institute of safety and health in the workplace reports that in rooms with air conditioning workers are 2.5 times more likely to catch respiratory diseases.

Be sure to walk around on the street. Such a simple, seemingly rule – but in the heat of passion or labor of another Abraham what here walks? Then at least twice a day to ventilate the area.

2. To keep clean

How to make life in the office pleasant and healthy
British scientists sometimes do something useful, for example, examine the average keyboard under the microscope. To see there is a lot of germs, which is 5 times greater than the toilet seat in the same office! How do you mean? One reason – eating at your Desk. Drops, chips – you won’t even notice – great food for bacteria on the keys, then fingers, then to your face.

Do not eat at workplace. Lunch must be within the designated area. If this is not possible – go to cafes, combine with paragraph 1.

3. To follow the body

In the modern world there is a professional illness of office workers is carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist pain due to long the same type of tension in this area. Many hours of work with a mouse, typing on a keyboard and then the brush ache and joints hurt, like your grandmother.

Remember that the best treatment is prevention, therefore the basis of office survival – proper planting at the table. The chair must be at the same level with the top; if there are no armrests, keep your elbows on the vise, put on the table, so the load on the tendon will decrease.

4. Make useful gadgets

How to make life in the office pleasant and healthy

Do not pinch the telephone handset between shoulder and head. It’s bad for your neck and can even cause a minor stroke. Such cases are already fixed, they manage to pinch the carotid artery and his own to block access of blood to the brain. By scary, but it is an occasion to perform: if your work involves long talks on the phone and hands should be free to record – it’s time to get headset hands-free.

5.Mobile phone without sound

The loud and unexpected cell phone call is distracting and annoying, especially if the owner is not there. We react to a sudden sharp sound, as alarm and we needed some time to return to a relaxed rhythm. And when the office is constantly calling several huge phones, it knocks colleagues from the normal flow of the day.

Adjust the sound on the stationary machine and put the cell phone on vibrate – at least while you are at work.

6. More greens

How to make life in the office pleasant and healthy
No, it is not the whim of the designers and not a relic of the Soviet apartments. Even if the flowers pots you’re not interested and you think that they only take up space. However, all the studies – and our American – speak in favor of the greens on the premises. Employees feel more comfortable in the office when there are live plants.

There are many undemanding species that do not require special care. Zamioculcas, ficus or dracaena – a classic armchair gardening. Guys they are not capricious, but the air will clear, and the climate healthier, and the eyes on the greenery rests.

7. Divide the working area into zones

How to make life in the office pleasant and healthy
In favor of a separate kitchen, or just a convenient place for lunch is the fact that the change of scenery contributes to the emergence of fresh ideas. This is the place, which relieves stress and stimulates our creativity.

So, if possible, organize in your office canteen or rest room, a lounge area, which will spur creativity.