Lullaby workaholic. How to improve performance with sleep

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Women suffer from insomnia and lack of sleep more often than men. We publish seven simple tips that will ensure healthy sleep.

Lullaby workaholic. How to improve performance with sleep
Scientists from the max Planck Institute in Munich has proven that women are much more likely to suffer insomnia than men. This conclusion is the result of a study of brain activity in 160 men and women with different levels of intelligence and different conditions. The great news is that men can significantly improve the gray matter, sleep for a few hours. Bad news is that women that requires a good sleep throughout the night.

At the same time, judging by the results of surveys conducted in the UK in January 2016, almost half of women don’t get enough sleep. Based on how respondents filled out the column “rate your sleep”, we can conclude that in women, sleep disorders are more common than in men. They often Wake up in the night, and it’s harder to go back to sleep.

It can happen to anyone. Actress Kim Cattrall spoke about his insomnia on the show “Women’s hour on BBC due to sleep problems the star of the show “Friends” had to refuse from participation in the London theatre project. “Without sleep I lose the ability to think clearly, the more difficult it becomes to remember the text,” said Cattrall. — I can not keep in mind their own thoughts, ideas and even tasks.

For millions of women suffering from insomnia, history, Cattrall sounds familiar. The fact that every third Briton is suffering from sleep disorders, explain the stress, the influence of computers and improper distribution of work to take home. The magazine “Health England” writes that the at-risk group in this sense are women after 40 years. The lack of sleep increases the risk of heart disease, obesity and diabetes, it also reduces life expectancy.

Lullaby workaholic. How to improve performance with sleep

From the last meal before bedtime should take at least 3 hours.

Here are a few tips on how to ensure a healthy sleep.

1. Determine your desired duration of sleep.

It is purely individual. Normal is the need for six to ten hours of sleep a night, but it is important to understand how much exactly you need for good health.

2. Program yourself.

Go to bed at the same time every day, even on weekends. If you’re running out of time to sleep will be harder. Problems arise when the recovery of strength before the new working week.

3. Don’t eat before bedtime.

From the last meal before bedtime should pass not less than three hours. Otherwise your digestive system will have to work overtime, disrupting sleep. Go to bed hungry is not worth it. For evening snack suitable products, the composition of which involves slow release of energy, for example, walnuts and bananas. It is also recommended that milk, honey, decoction of chamomile.

4. Do not drink anything.

Caffeine and alcohol affect sleep quality. The rate of metabolism slows down with age, and a Cup of coffee in the afternoon can have an impact at ten o’clock. A glass of wine you might fall asleep faster, but sleep quality will deteriorate.

5. Turn off the gadgets.

Night avoid glowing screens. Especially laptops and tablets. Vivid and close, the glow is deceiving your brain — makes him think that another day.

6. Relax.

This is easier said than done, but still try to avoid stressful situations before bedtime. Create for yourself some kind of calming ritual of a leisurely tea party with herbal teas, hot baths, or relaxation exercises. Should not be phone calls, watching horror movies, and unpaid bills. Make sure that your bedroom has the suitable temperature, your bed, pillow and bed linen comfortable. All this will contribute to the development of melatonin — the sleep hormone.

7. Quench your thirst.

Dehydration is one of the reasons for insufficient deep sleep. Water in the evening you need to drink enough to avoid thirst, but don’t want to use the toilet.