How to lose weight for the New year: 7 tips you need to follow now

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Your goal is to lose weight the main holiday of the winter? If you take the job today, there is a chance to say goodbye to five kilograms of excess weight. The main thing — to do the right thing. How? will tell you about it.

Tip № 1: Keep in mind the rule of “three pillars”: diet, fat burning cardio, strength training

Moreover, in the first place it is a diet — meal plan, depending on your age, gender, body weight and degree of physical activity during the day.

How to lose weight for the New year: 7 tips you need to follow now

Your main goal is to create a calorie deficit. This will help to start the mechanism of utilization of fat reserves in the body. Plus you will increase the calorie expenditure for strength training, keeping the muscles in good tone. And regular cardio (like working on a cardio or swimming in the pool) in the weight-loss will force the body to burn additional fat. The level of intensity should be an average: for fat loss you need adequate amounts of oxygen.

For more effective fat burning make the choice in favor of circuit training on whole body including them to your plan at least two or three times a week. During operation, be sure to follow the pulse (for example, if you are between 20 to 40 years and you have no health problems, stick to the pulse zone 120-140 beats per minute).

Tip № 2: Avoid water retention in the body and as a result, the formation of edema

How to lose weight for the New year: 7 tips you need to follow now

Due to the excretion of excess fluid you can lose up to two to three kilograms. To normalize the water balance in the body, daily drink 1-1. 5 liters of clean drinking water, limit salt intake to 3-5 grams per day and refrain from alcohol and coffee. Diversify your diet to include foods that promote the excretion of fluid, such as wholemeal bread, muesli, nuts, apples, cabbage and greens. And do not be lazy to do morning exercises (in bed). If you often swollen feet, get in the habit of 10-15 minutes to lie on your back, raise the legs and supporting them to the wall at an angle of 45-90 degrees.

Tip № 3: Move more throughout the day

Try to walk more and using less Elevator in the premises. Take frequent walks in the fresh air and prefer active rest, for example, is a hike with friends to the cinema organize a joint trip to the rink.

Tip № 4: Avoid overtraining

How to lose weight for the New year: 7 tips you need to follow now

Despite all the benefits of exercise, exercise is the “norm” (it is at everyone and depends on level of training), the excess of which can lead to injury or problems with the cardiovascular system. If the workout you are overworked (and among those seeking to lose weight as quickly as possible is not uncommon), you probably will encounter insomnia or increased drowsiness, headache, loss of appetite, irritability, nausea, shortness of breath or pain in the heart. In this case, you will not just reduce the load, but also to miss a few classes, and it will only slow down the process of losing weight.

Tip № 5: Do not sit on a strict diet

Remember: your diet should not be scarce, even when you lose weight. Diet is not starvation, but the right choice of balanced meals. When drafting diet, consider your food preferences, to changes in nutrition was as comfortable as possible. Nutritionists recommend to stick to a diet with adequate amounts of protein (20-40% of daily caloric intake), fat (20% caloric intake) and carbohydrates (40-60% of caloric intake, and simple carbohydrates may contribute up to 20%).

How to lose weight for the New year: 7 tips you need to follow now

Include in a weight loss program CITEL — days when you can break the habitual diet (of course within reasonable limits). This is important in order to remove the psychological tension that inevitably builds up when you change power mode. Slimming, you need to understand that “forbidden” food does not exist, and have their reasonable consumption. However, this setting does not work in the case of certain health problems, for example, with increased cholesterol from the diet completely excludes products with a high content of animal fats, and diabetes — all products containing large amounts of simple carbohydrates.

Your daily diet must be vegetables, fruits, cereals, dairy products, protein from meat and fish, and fats from nuts and oils. Eliminate (or to start, minimize) the use of sweet soda, fast food, sugar and sauces.

Tip № 6: Choose the fractional power mode

How to lose weight for the New year: 7 tips you need to follow now
This will help to avoid uncontrollable bouts of hunger which often cause overeating. Eat small portions 5 times a day, arranging meals every three to four hours. Best option: Breakfast, first snack, lunch, second snack, dinner.

Tip № 7: Do not be discouraged if the pounds “melt” too slow

Please be patient. There are times when your weight “stand still”, and it seems that all efforts were in vain. In fact it is not. Just the body has periods of adaptation and stabilization of internal exchange, which you affect by changing your diet and level of physical activity.

How to lose weight for the New year: 7 tips you need to follow now

The situation of “stagnation” can occur in long-term diet with severely low caloric content (low amount of carbohydrates and often high protein diet). You don’t get excess calories, and your weight still does not want to decline. In this case, discard the usual scheme of power, temporarily increasing the number of calories consumed from carbohydrates and reducing your intake of protein, if it was too much. Usually this is enough to establish the process of weight loss. However, it is important not to stop exercising, continuing to combine weight training with fat-burning cardio.

Leading the fight against obesity, less focus on the numbers that you see on the scales. Muscle is denser and heavier than fat five times (a fact), so even if your weight does not change, the most important focus on external changes. Try to focus on my reflection in the mirror. If you notice a change for the better, so the process is running, if not, better together, entrusting the solution to your problem experts — certified coach and experienced nutritionist.