How to look expensive in any suit

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You always want to “suit sat”, but the prices in some boutiques with men’s apparel comparable to the monthly budget of an average family. We know how to make a suit from a conventional store perfect sat on your figure.

So, what you need to pay attention to when buying?

The cloth

Don’t believe the hype: is the suit made of cashmere to be sold at the price of polyester.

The best there is obtained the wool: it is worn for a long time, retains the look and texture and is not glossy. True, the manufacturers love to combine it with synthetic materials, so it is important to read the fabric composition on the label.


You should not experiment with cheap costumes. Flashy colors and a cut of the attention and questioning others, but you don’t want to advertise the price of your clothes.

Stick to a classic gamma: for example, dark gray or blue. And the darker colors tend to create more “expensive” impression.

How to look expensive in any suit

Fit on the figure

If your budget does not allow you to make a suit to order, then try to allocate funds for the adjustment. The tailor can customize the suit on the figure, to shorten too long sleeves and pant legs, take in or expand the jacket at the waist.

First, pay attention to how I sit the shoulder pads: they should match your shoulders. Try on the jacket along with the shirt you plan to wear with it: the collar should lightly touch your neck, and the fabric on the shoulders should not “get wrinkled”. Sleeve length should reach to the bones in your hand.

This kit, even from the mass market, will look better than the finished costume haute couture.

Glued or stitched?

In expensive parts of the costume are sewn in a more budget — glued together. So they quickly lose their appearance, eager, “bubble” and become useless.

We suggest to choose a middle ground: take the suit with stitched shelf, and the rest we can agree on glued elements.

In addition, pinch the jacket between the buttons: if you do not feel the lining, it is better to refuse purchase.

Do not skimp on the details

We do not encourage you to show off, but an expensive tie or a perfectly fitting shirt in General will make your image more presentable.
How to look expensive in any suit


The lower the quality of the fabric, the harder it is to maintain. She quickly hesitates and starts to Shine. In such cases, iron is not the best solution, otherwise your suit will start to Shine till sunbeams and dazzle passing motorists.

Better buy a steamer that will be able to cope with the wrinkles on the fabric. And don’t forget about the coat hangers with broad shoulders: if the shoulders of your coat will not dull droop and puff up.

Why does the suit always fits perfectly on James Bond?

Yes, because bond is all the sitting! Agent “007” is always pulled up, he flexed the muscles even through the thick fabric of the tuxedo, and on secular or reception on a dangerous mission he makes the clothes, not Vice versa.

So, everything in the gym and have a nice day!

How to look expensive in any suit