A little bit of magic: in Singapore have created a cap of invisibility

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The created object, able to make part of the object invisible.

Sounds unbelievable, but it is a fact that inventors from Singapore have created a cap of invisibility – a subject about which we previously only read about in books and seen in science fiction films. We are talking about the device, which is able to hide part of the subject, while other parts remain visible.

Researchers from Nanyang technological University said that while the invention may hide smaller objects and animals, while it acts only in one plane. Scientists worked on the project for three years, with the result that they managed to create a device that works with “mirror effect”. The main idea is to develop a full-fledged gadget that is capable to remove objects from human view. According to the author of the project Zhang Baile, the idea of the cap of darkness came to him many years ago, and he spent a lot of time learning the theory before moving to practical implementation. Today the main task of scientists – to expand the range of disappearance of objects, and thus not to be limited to one-dimensional technology.

“We don’t yet know how far is too far, but have set ourselves ambitious objectives,” – said the developer of the project.

The first industry that may be interested in such an invention, is the arms industry. Likely that the soldiers can become completely invisible on the battlefield, including if the enemy uses night vision devices that react to heat.

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