The life without a selfie: myth or reality

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The transformation of fashion trend in occupation, unworthy of a decent man.

Three hundred thousand dollars or even a million. And you look and think, “what the hell”. Some feet, hair, whiskers, bags and other miscarriages of someone’s weak imagination. But in response to: “Oh you’re such a”, “pumpkin”, “best”,  — talk, awe, admiration, envy and resentment. We live in photorealistic. Photos reality show of someone’s life that somehow bring together strangers, ready to admire and resent, and generally to take all this seriously.

The life without a selfie: myth or reality

On the one hand, of course, that anyone can Express themselves somehow. To publish, for example, twenty thousand of photos of their own hair, fluttering in the wind and Shine in the rays of the rising sun. And earned, on the one hand, a modest confession. And on the other three hundred thousand subscribers is no joke. Selfies have become some delusion. All they are doing. If you took pictures at the party, the exhibition, in the theater, on the beach, then all this would not have happened. Kim Kardashian has released a book of her selfies — and someone probably bought it. (Promoters Selfish of 500 copies was sold out in just a minute).

Generally, of course, nothing is more old and dull, than to curse the times are changing. Well, people do a selfie. And you also do the same that is already there. Because it is fashionable. Because you become more popular. Impossible to resist if you suddenly realize that people like how you look. Just like that, without good reason. To each his own. But at some point you realize that there is no life — there’s only a selfie. Here I have a friend, he’s a reactionary. Mobile phone got just a couple of years ago when they lost in Italy and none of the bystanders did not know where his village is. He even no computer.

And we discussed those who travel endlessly shoots. Not necessarily on the phone — and you on camera. Such people have always been. It’s like they see the world exclusively through the lens. And even because they’re so obsessed photographers, but because they need something to capture memories. If there are pictures, so it was real. And we thought it was the same, how to answer calls during sex or to stay in the process, to drink water or brush my hair. Here you go, for example, the streets of Barcelona, and you grace descends — because beautiful, hot and all your worries and sadness somewhere in the secret place under the bed in Moscow, and you’re right at the peak of happiness… And then it all freezes, and you start taking pictures — then do these pictures not to see. Yes, you will download to your computer, and the best that will happen to them, once you show them to a friend that while watching die of boredom.

Or you publish them to Instagram or Facebook and they will fall down somewhere in your tape, and only a vague recollection of five hundred likes will echo a random success. The point is that when you’re really good, you don’t want to… not even so — you never come to fix it. Here people take food. But when you’re really hungry and you bring something delicious, you eat first, and then remember: “Oh, I didn’t photograph the magic salad!”.

The life without a selfie: myth or reality
My retro friend once said, “I think a vacation — one picture”. And here you look at her, whatever it was, with filters or without, and the only frame awakens something in your soul. I was recently at an exhibition in Berlin in honor of one powerful man, musician and artist. I honestly don’t even remember exactly what his name is. Because it is not so much his work impressed me how much one room where the walls were hung panels with Polaroid photos. Selfie 1980s. And there are real people. Others that failed the light, or they are at this moment ridiculous smile, or so drunk, that he looked like the devil. But — the real.

Modern refined selfies seem like a horrible fake. It’s the illusion of life, what it could be. But it is not — it is a fiction. Ghosts of the Internet. On the one hand, people cherish their illusions, and nothing wrong with that: any art is magic, smoke and mirrors. On the other — all this Internet garbage is not art. He’s trying to do better is not humanity, but only himself. When you see the reality on the Polaroid cards, then feel the delightful joy of life. When you see these people, even their faces are distorted and skewed, understand that they are happy. They are so good that you don’t care how they get the pictures. And immediately comes the realization that today we live in a world of ridiculous, utter self-deception.

And here you are working on the Internet for hundreds of thousands of people “earning” their attention, and they see you for what you seem to want. But really for you personally your own life is as boring as it was before. You don’t catch the buzz, you just pretend. Decorating yourself with filters. Of course, it’s just a point of view. And if by some teenagers or desperate Housewives I want to be the stars of instagram, surround yourself with those who think them beautiful, stylish, talented, and thus to increase self-esteem, why not?

On the Internet popularity can be a good idea to make — my friend lives with a girl who gets fees only for the fact that she has many followers and she is from time to time advertise all sorts of things. A great mind is not necessary, but if it is, do not go immediately into the dishwasher? In the end, people have always profited from his own charisma and attractiveness. And today with social networking it can be done quite innocently. Of course, there is a feeling that things got a little crazy with the endless photos, the posts in the series “a bag of tired” (4 000 likes), but in a strange way this makes us all closer. Proximity often tedious, but still enjoyable.

The understanding, what other people. With all their eccentricities, complexes and even anger, quarrelsomeness. Felt this kind of captivating authenticity. Are what they are. Though with filters. The filters really do not hide, and, instead, emphasize what people are ashamed of their worries. Here you see a lady in “blue” — and realize: she tends to hide their age. Or suddenly you can see enough blue sky and the green grass that you clearly realize that a person is missing in life brightness.

Know, weakness is often more attractive advantages. They make people touching and tender. Sometimes, of course, and aggressive, and stupid, but this also has its own charm. But most importantly, what can we say order overexposed selfie, people want beauty. Let fake, though not very talented — no matter who knows how. The pursuit of beauty is all worth it. Let the “I” in the mirror is different from the “I” in Instagram, the main thing that people are able to look at life through a new lens (or filter) and see a little more beautiful. Because there is no truth, there is a point of view and approval of the subscribers. Together we are creating a different, alternative reality. Let it be better than it actually is. Like.

The life without a selfie: myth or reality