How to learn to feel your body

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Before you Yamuna Zake is the author of unique methods of relieving bodily tension. For three decades she worked every day on my body, and today her figure can be envied only. Of the six programs that will help you recover quickly and learn to better feel your body, read below.

Yamuna Zake called a teacher and a healer — she dedicated her whole life to the study of the functioning of our body. Until now, the Yamuna continues to hone his unique technique of the exercises, and it seems that weaknesses in her body just not to be detected. Nevertheless it exists, and if Yamuna stops to do a set of exercises that he teaches his disciples, the pain comes back.

How to learn to feel your body

It happened over 35 years ago, when during childbirth Yamuna got a hip injury. Then she had no idea that this injury will change her life forever. No medical consultations and treatment plans did not help, and Yamuna began to work to restore feet. Through the practice of hatha yoga (where Yamuna was engaged from 14 years to the birth of her daughter), she was able to bring his leg back to normal. So began the transition from teaching yoga to form their own system of training.

— Do what you love. Focus on what you believe. When you make the first step, the next will not take long, says Yamuna Zake author of unique methods of relieving bodily tension.

The method is based on yoga and the principles of anatomy and physiology that Yamuna studied when I was younger and wanted to become a doctor. She claims that the body anatomy is perfect, and it is only necessary to love your body and learn how to “listen” to it.

How to learn to feel your body

Its authoring system popular in many countries of the world, and the Yamuna tries personally to prepare instructors. Over the years we developed several techniques.

BODY LOGIC, or the logic of the body. In this case, the name fully expresses the meaning. Classes Body Logic worked out the whole body each joint, with particular attention paid to the clips.

BODY ROLLING. Feature of Body Rolling is the use of specially designed balls of different density and diameter (from 10 to 22 cm), which act primarily on bone. And attached to it muscles are taking the correct natural position. This is the uniqueness of the method. Yamuna admits that after these sessions, her clients begin to feel your body more active and to work on it.

How to learn to feel your body

FACE BALL. Stress is very detrimental to the muscles and skin of our face. Face Ball aimed at getting rid of tension in the face and neck with the help of strengthening the muscles and increasing blood flow.

YAMUNA YOGA. Yamuna Yoga program allows you to correctly align the body in asanas. To support the body during a deep dive into the asanas are also used balls.

YAMUNA PREGNANCY. Course for pregnant Yamuna Pregnancy helps expectant mothers to keep the body in good shape throughout the 9 months.

How to learn to feel your body

FOOTFITNESS. One of the most popular programs Footfitness is aimed at relieving tiredness in the legs. After a day of walking in high heels unpleasant sensations in the legs — only a small part of what the girl feels. But to deny yourself beautiful, if not always comfortable shoes is simply impossible.

Try one simple but very effective exercise from the program Footfitness:

1.Place your feet parallel to each other.

2.Then put one foot forward on the outside edge and shift some weight to it.

3.Lower the fingers to the floor alternately starting with the little finger.

4.Repeat the same exercise with the second foot.

5.Performing this exercise for just 5 minutes, you can relax your feet and to get rid of painful sensations.