Do you know where did the ugg boots?

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Do you know where did these uggs which runs every second? decided to share with you this secret.

Do you know where did the ugg boots?
More than a hundred years ago Ugg Australia were used as a working footwear among agricultural workers in Australia, and especially among shepherds. First, such people were the raw material for the production of footwear made of sheepskin, and secondly, they needed such boots on the cold pastures.

Then it began to actively use the pilots during the I and II world wars. They needed shoes that would differ convenience and well-kept would be warm at high altitude. Then these are the boots was chosen by windsurfers who, after a riding on the waves so it was nice to wear on the warm shoes. Skiing became another vast area for applications pgov. But to walk around the city and especially to show off on the release in uggs still, no one thought. But the design of the shoes was not appropriate. They are usually made from two layers of sheep skins. The outside was suede, and the inside of the fur. Their sole was too soft.

Do you know where did the ugg boots?

And only in 1978, uggs made history thanks to windsurfer Brian Smith, who flew in from Australia to USA and brought with him more than 40 pairs of these boots. At first he sold them to his friends in surfing. Gradually his business started to develop. People liked that Shoe is not cold and not hot, regardless of ambient temperature and time of year. At first, this Shoe has spread to southern California, and then gradually began to expand into the global market. Brian Smith became the founder of Ugg Holdings Inc. They also were registered the trademark “ugg boots“. Sheepskin boots became increasingly popular. It affected the properties uggs, namely, their comfort, easy to wear and modern in design, and good advertising is conducted in a timely manner. In 1995 the American company Deckers Outdoor Corporation bought UGG Australia, and began to actively promote this brand. Expanded range of footwear, there are a lot of lines and accessories in her care. Production was moved from Australia to China. Since then, began all the turmoil about the brand UGG.

In the early 90 the company was bought up everything there is brand uggs. And since then, the Australian producers are forced to sell their footwear as simple boots with sheepskin.

In 1998, the UGG brand is starting to position itself as a luxury footwear brand, and gradually this is joined by Hollywood celebrities.

The greatest is the ugg made Oprah Winfrey that they have put the entire crew. Then Britney Spears can be seen in the pictures wearing uggs. All this led to the fact that the public is literally stirred up, and began an unprecedented boom in the boots uggs. Manufacturing also did not stand on the spot and gradually there are many models uggs. So, today you can purchase boots ugg boots, for women and for men. There are children’s shoes.

Appeared as uggs passionate admirers and vehement haters of this Shoe. Some predicted only a short-term fashion boots, others agreed in opinion that attention to them will not last more than a decade. If you look at modern fashion trends, it is likely that the latter were right.

Do you know where did the ugg boots?

The company Deckers very accurately defines the term “ugg”. Officially it can only be called boots from this manufacturer. All other companies producing so-called “Sheepskin Shoes”. In Australia, since 2006, started a company dedicated to saving the Australian character and protecting the Australian tradition of the production of sheepskin boots.