Know that it’s not for the sake of beauty: what more do sports

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First, it’s beautiful, what’s second? has collected the main reasons why you still need to exercise. Required. So, sports…

1. Improves memory

Do not remember what it was yesterday, and the case has not been recorded in memos, doomed to be forgotten and not done? If you don’t want later have problem with memory, train it and train yourself. The fact is that, during sports activities increases blood pressure and improves blood flow, respectively, your brain gets more energy and oxygen. Besides, American scientists have found a relationship between physical activity and mental health. Studies have shown that the hippocampus part of the brain responsible for storing, remembering and encoding of the surrounding space (spatial memory) — during aerobic exercise the formation of new cells, the neurons that contributes to the development of all cognitive processes, including memory. But smarter is only one aerobics will not succeed. To bring new cells into the existing neural network, they must have an intellectual burden. Thus, studies have confirmed that students who regularly engage in sports show better results and knowledge in General than their less sporty friends.

Know that it's not for the sake of beauty: what more do sports
2. Form a right posture

Sedentary work and sedentary life leave an imprint on the body not only in the form of weight loss and spoiled the view, but the curvature of the spine, putting the body at greater risk — after all, the correct posture and protects the musculoskeletal system from overload and injuries, which in turn, saves you from such lifestyle diseases as osteochondroses. And we should not forget that posture is still one of the most important words in body language, it is the building block that sustains your way. Posture can tell a lot about a person, from his profession, ending with a level of self-esteem and personal qualities. Our grandmothers walked with volumes of “War and peace” on the head to train yourself to keep the correct spin, but the book is still better to use properly, but the regular classes of yoga or swimming will not only make you healthier and slimmer, but also a bonus reward of a truly Royal bearing. If yoga is not asked, then here are some simple exercises that will help to get rid of the hated folds on the back and to tone the muscular system.

Know that it's not for the sake of beauty: what more do sports
3. Gives confidence

Naturally, the more textured abs and slimmer legs, the more confident you feel. Sport has the power not only to revive the faith in their own strength and increase self-esteem, but also to teach an important lesson that will be useful in everyday life. The main driving force in the sport is the effort; progress depends on the lazy or not and how much effort was invested in achieving this goal. Do not work here such things as luck or chance, on the contrary, everything is logical. Sport teaches you to evaluate your options, set realistic goals, listen to your body and to rely only on themselves. The joy and the euphoria of athletic success carried over into other areas of life. You understand that if you managed to run two minutes without stopping for a minute or longer to stand in the strap, and everything else is quite doable though. The main thing — to get involved and to do.

Know that it's not for the sake of beauty: what more do sports
4. Broadens the mind

Every sport, be it Boxing, football or swimming, has its own unique psychology and individual differences that have developed over many years. Deciding what sport to do you to a lesser degree choose a set of physical exercises that have to do from day to day. No, you choose a new world, a new philosophy and a new culture, which will experience part and which will become. Studying her, you will not only expand horizons, but also comprehend the essence of things: don’t just copy the movement, and understand it inside — so the sport is transformed from a complex mechanical action in creativity, thus giving the opportunity to realize themselves. Plus expanding the social circle: you have many like-minded people with whom you can share your own experiences, advice. Besides, sport is a kind of litmus test: it quickly becomes clear who is who, so that subsequently associates “risk” to become good friends. We asked four cool guys who are passionate about running, to tell their stories about how they’ve managed to turn my passion into a way of life.

Know that it's not for the sake of beauty: what more do sports
5. Struggling with stress

If the Ministry of health care of warning signs about the dangers of stress, the whole city would be filled with cautionary labels. From stress not to hide and not to disappear, but to neutralize its destructive effects on the body accurately. Studies have shown that sports is the most natural and healthy antidepressant. First, exercising after work, you can throw out all the accumulated daily aggression and transform it into a passion for sports. As a result of negative energy get rid of, no one to quarrel and become even healthier. Secondly, exercise stimulates the endocrine system and the production of endorphins (happiness hormones). Reduced anxiety: sporty people are less susceptible to stress than those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. But the main thing is: for some, sports is becoming a real drug, nullifying all its useful properties. And then it’s time to say stop.

Know that it's not for the sake of beauty: what more do sports
6. Sleep helps

Regular exercise will help you fall asleep faster and improve the quality of the sleep. Forces to view the series for sure, probably not. It is important to remember that the optimal time for sports activities — morning or afternoon, and in any case it is better to start from their own feelings and well-being, but exercise before bed is not exactly a dream as a hand will remove. American scientists conducted a study which found that people involved in sports at least two hours a week, sleeping much better, more focused and collected during the day, and the phenomenon of sleepiness, and does not collide.

Know that it's not for the sake of beauty: what more do sports
7. Energizes

Sport is time-consuming and energy-consuming, but the more you train (naturally, with the mind), so you have more energy and vitality. There is also the reverse pattern: the less mobile way of life is the man, the less his strength (spiritual and physical) generally to do anything. Studies have shown that low physical activity in the middle of the day increase tone, and you will feel fit, energetic, and healthy like never before. You can’t stop. We understand that full workout in the middle of the day is utopian, but to develop your own mode and make sport a regular, based on their schedule, the power of each. Or you can try to maximize your lunch break: for example half the time to devote to the meal, and the remaining half is a small walk.

Know that it's not for the sake of beauty: what more do sports
8. A positive effect on the quality of making love

Yes, studies do show that regular exercise can not only increase and prolong the excitement, but also significantly reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction in men (thanks to the sport for the improved blood flow) and prolong the reproductive period in women (thanks to the sport for the accelerated production of estrogen). Of course, in this case, no matter how many times you can do push-UPS or squat as deeply, rather, plays a big role how well you know my body and know how to relax. For example, yoga, in addition to the flexibility of the body (which is not redundant), contributes to a better recognition of own body and emotions. And we, in turn, know 9 asanas that will certainly come in handy in the bedroom.

Know that it's not for the sake of beauty: what more do sports
9. Strengthens the immune system

Today’s reality is that more than 45 percent of people in Russia do not take sick leave in case of cold and carry disease on their feet. So the common cold transform unusual complications and requires more expensive treatment and strict bed rest. So as not to sound corny, but it is better to prevent than to treat. If use cold cold water for strengthening the immune system is still not fully understood, the beneficial effect of moderate physical activity on the organism is confirmed by modern research. During exercise the rate of blood circulation increases, which means that the normal immune cells in all organs is accelerated. But there is an important remark: a few hours after a workout, the immune system returns to its original performance, so as to achieve maximum health effect is an important regularity. Scientists believe that sports contribute to the production of macrophages — cells that carry out the neutralization of pathogens (viruses, bacteria, parasites). And remember, if sick, at the time of treatment forget about training. Even a small cold is a stress on the immune system, therefore, the active exercise during this period will only bring the opposite effect: a decrease in immunity and a long recovery.

Know that it's not for the sake of beauty: what more do sports

10. Prolongs life

It’s no secret that a healthy lifestyle not only improves the quality of life itself, but also on its duration. Regular exercise increases stamina and muscle tone (well-trained muscles have greater potential for recovery than flabby and weak), prevent the formation of potentially dangerous blood clots and improve the permeability of capillaries, thereby slowing the aging process and wear of the body. And oxygen filling every cell during exercise improves both external indicators (beneficial effect on skin condition) and intellectual (activates those areas of the brain that are functioning poorly in low blood flow, consequently, cell death is slowed down). Sport is the best “antidote” against the destructive effects of sedentary work, but if we talk about the qualitative renewal of life, it is important not to forget about training the most important muscle — the brain. Scientists say that people who combine physical activity with mental, last longer in sound mind and memory.

Know that it's not for the sake of beauty: what more do sports