Did you know that a child learns native language at the age of 5 months?

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Scientists from South Korea the study found that at an early age, a person remains a hidden knowledge of your native language, even if he moved to another country.

The study involved speaking Dutch people, who in childhood was adopted from South Korea. It turned out that they still have the ability to pronounce words in Korean, the native language though they do not remember.

The study was conducted among two groups of Dutch people: those who were born and raised in the Netherlands, and those who have adopted a baby. People who were born in Korea, correctly pronounce the sounds in Korean, unlike their peers, native-born Dutch. Scientists did not see differences in pronunciation in children, which were adopted in the first months, and those who adopted at the age of fifteen years and older.

Did you know that a child learns native language at the age of 5 months?

Geun Choi, the head of research says the most important finding from the study is that important language skills a child acquires in early childhood. Later, it will be easier to learn, it seemed like a new language.

Also, the researchers came to the conclusion that knowledge of language is abstract, and does not depend on practices.

“Please remember that language learning begins in the earliest months of a child’s life, and then laid a useful language skills. Try to speak with their kids as much as possible, because they absorb and assimilate what you are saying,” said the scientist Jiun Choi.