Kitten now not the same

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Unusual pet of an Arab Prince and their “cute” entertainment…

Crown Prince Hamdan bin Mohammed al Maktoum quite interesting and versatile young man. He leads an active lifestyle. His list of Hobbies is huge — skydiving, diving, fishing, falconry, snowboarding, Cycling and more. In his spare time writes poetry under the pseudonym Fazza (فزاع), which devotes about their Home and family. Among Pets Hamdan there are many exotic animals, but special love the Prince feels for his lions!

This kitten just wanted to handle!

Charitable Foundation The Black Jaguar — White Tiger was created with the purpose to attract the public to the endangered species of animals. It is worth noting that its job this organization does just fine. The little lion saw his friend and wanted him on the pens. The man couldn’t refuse this cute kitten, and its absolutely possible to understand!

The kitten is hungry

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