One question that will help you to understand what is really important to you

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In this world there was some imposed standards of what success and what kind of person can be considered successful. The success includes a good career, expensive car, huge house, cottage on the ocean. But is it really so?

We look at all these achievements of other people, compare with what we have, and if one does not meet the second, we begin to consider themselves unhappy. All this stimulates us to work more and more and kill our forces. Think about it, do you really want this or is it imposed by someone’s dreams? decided to help you figure it out. What do you need?

Find a place where no one can hinder you, sit back and honestly ask yourself just one question: “If your whole life is over, what memories make you think that the time was well spent?”

You’ll feel it, remembering how much money have you made? Or remembering what car you drive?

The house in which you lived?

Or maybe these happy memories will be of how much you have traveled and how many countries see? Or you just will looked at your happy family?

Write down all the thoughts that came to mind on paper. You must read those notes often. This is really your success and that your own happiness.

Never look at others! Remember that the important thing in your life to make you happy!