Just ONE banana will solve FOUR problems with health!

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Banana – a truly amazing fruit. It is usually like and eat almost everything. It rarely causes allergies, making it the most accessible fruit for Allergy sufferers. In addition, it is rich in trace elements and vitamins. Of course, it is more calories than many other treats, but the use of it is not measured only in energy, so the comparison of the composition and the harm to the figures, it is important to prioritize, especially from 100 kcal extra pounds hardly will instantly appear.

  1. Bananas help to cope with high blood pressure because they contain a lot of potassium, lack of which often leads to poor health. Regular consumption of this fruit, for example in the morning, normalizes blood pressure, preventing its increase.
  2. Effective banana in the fight against depression because it contains tryptophan – an amino acid required for the synthesis of serotonin. Probably should not talk about what is serotonin? Pleasure hormone is produced already after only one banana, so the harm to the figures you can not worry, and the effect is worth it to pamper your body with this fruit.
  3. Difficulties with toilet also being treated bananas, aided by the contained pectin. Elimination of toxins also contributes to fiber, which is also included in these fruits.
  4. Will help consumption of fruit and premenstrual syndrome. Reducing pain helps the contents of vitamin B6. Bananas help soak up the liquid, which in the critical days accumulates in a woman’s body. And other trace elements contribute to the normalization nervous system, improve mood, etc. Regular consumption of bananas in these days makes a woman a calm, balanced, less emotional and irritable.