Just add brains. 5 applications with artificial intelligence

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Two personal assistant, assistant for shopping, electronic source. Application for evaluation of artificial intelligence using smartphone or tablet — the choice of Likestory.net.

Artificial intelligence — AI, as they call it, — something like communism, or rather the attitude in the era of developed socialism. Everyone is talking about it, but nobody’s seen him. Everybody expects it, although not quite understand why you need it.

Futurists ready to tear each other’s beards in discussions about the consequences of the emergence and development of artificial intelligence. Cybernetics and bring themselves to a heart attack in the debate about whether the AI to simulate the human brain, or to follow your own path of evolution.

But for most ordinary people, the AI is still the same bikes. We still have open weather app to see to cook whether on an umbrella tomorrow. Themselves launching the browser to look for the nearest cafe with Italian cuisine, convenience store or car wash. And in order to set the alarm for the morning, still need to open the corresponding program. And that is generally outrageous, and make an appointment to see the doctor on the phone, you should not forget to put a reminder in the calendar.

Just imagine how much time you would save if you did all this for you, AI? But this is not the limit of its possibilities. Artificial intelligence can sort for you pictures from last night’s party to keep the conversation going when you are in the spirit, pre-route navigation, traffic jams… In General, the prospects are promising. And, oddly enough, all of this is not far off.

In order to test the AI in action, did not even have to sneak in a secret lab in the Pentagon. Simply purchase a modern smartphone.

In this guide we will not specifically talk about the three pillars of the modern IT industry — Apple, Google and Microsoft. Their offspring (voice assistants Siri, Google Now, Cortana) is just the tip of the iceberg. There are more interesting and promising development that anyone can try today.

Seize the moment

Just add brains. 5 applications with artificial intelligence

For iOS/Android
That is able: to recognize, to evaluate and sort photos, share them with your friends on Facebook

The dream of every party-goer — woke the morning after a good party, immediately send all your friends pictures with them. But to Wade through the hundreds of images that “naselennyh” using your iPhone, is often too tedious. And here come to the aid of the app in Moments, working in conjunction with Facebook.

It uses to sort photos algorithms, which until recently were considered science fiction. For example, you can specify the program of the person on photos and Moments analyzing the photo library, not only take away images with the specified person, but she sent them to him.

For face recognition uses the most advanced at the moment technology, which respectfully respond by authoritative experts. The AI not only can know people in different photographs in different lighting, but to do some other things. For example, over time, in Moments you will have the option of automatic blurring of faces on photos taken in certain circumstances — for example, against some objects. Also, the program can warn the user about the inadmissibility of certain photos in the social network under load. This will prevent some users from locking their account in Facebook, the developers promise.

At first glance, the app seems to be just a nice addition to Facebook, however it has very serious technologies that portend the era of the AI in the biggest social network in the world. In any case, mark Zuckerberg sees Moments as a precursor of an era of new Facebook applications more intuitive and personalized. Skeptics, however, and then looking for the catch. For example, predicting that AI in the service of Facebook is primarily to personalize advertising.

Shopping assistant

Just add brains. 5 applications with artificial intelligence

For iOS and Apple Watch
The subscription is $10 a month
That is able: to choose the goods and services, taking into account the interests and the location of the user

The world does not yet really understand why he a smart watch Apple watch. But the company Fetch, specializing in personal shopping online, have decided to place all points on i, and with the help of this gadget. In General, if the Apple watch did not become popular among gadget and will not lead to the sudden death of fitness trackers, the shopping they turn into an essential accessory.

Fetch is a service that offers customers a personalized approach to shopping. It uses the company’s technology Mind Meld, specializing in AI, and as an app for the Apple Watch works very simply and effectively. In a nutshell, his work can be described as follows: the user gives a voice command with the help of hours — for example, “I want to fly to London this Friday”. Hours passed command to the server where the AI can recognize voice, decrypts the text and parses it. Then compares the command with the location of the user (this information provides the Apple Watch, working in conjunction with the iPhone) and searches the offers of airlines for the dates specified. 10 best sent for review to a person (the Concierge Fetch), which selects the most acceptable and sends it to the user as the best option.

Until recently, all such work (suffice it to recall the services Vertu) was performed by people 100%, but, according to representatives of Fetch, AI allows to answer the user queries by 90% faster.

The right assistant

Just add brains. 5 applications with artificial intelligence

For iOS/Android
What can: fully control the smartphone with voice”, samoosas in the process

Some developers do not consider it necessary to reinvent the wheel and, based on the basic functionality of Siri and Cortana, just trying to get their offspring has surpassed the original functionality, and quality. Sometimes it turns out well.

The Evi app can do everything the same as Siri, but often makes it a little better, and sometimes — due to the high quality of the responses — it becomes more like an AI than a simple voice assistant.

Evi well recognizes a voice (though so far only in English) and learner. There is a very useful built-in function evaluating the responses Evi, with which the user can react to the quality of the application. Any low score is considered by creators of the program as the need for its improvement.

Helps a built-in browser — if necessary, search the web, it is implemented directly by the application.

About the prospects of Evi evidenced by the fact that the assistant was recently purchased from the creators by Amazon.

Art chatter

Just add brains. 5 applications with artificial intelligence
Virtual Talk

For iOS/Android
That knows how to entertain the user virtual communication, samoosas in the process

The word “chatbot” among serious developers dealing with the topic of AI, it sounds like an insult. So called programs that are able to hold a conversation with the user by means of a set of templates. Although thanks to a large enough set of these conversations might from time to time to remind realistic conversation with another person.

A group of Chinese developers decided to modify the traditional idea, releasing a chatbot with the prefix AI. Virtual Talk app, which is a program with the ability to learn and can pretend to be reasonable interlocutor almost better than Siri and Cortana.

Smart chatbot quickly remembers the facts and knows how to use them in a subsequent interview. The user can create chatbot inside the program and even monitor their conversations with each other.

By and large, the program is virtually useless, but gives an idea of what the technology that simulates AI. And they are capable of many things — and for a large number of users will seem indistinguishable from magic.

A smart woman

Just add brains. 5 applications with artificial intelligence
J. A. E. S. A.

For iOS/Android
What can: fully control the smartphone with voice”, samoosas in the process

The real artificial intelligence in your smartphone at the price of a Cup of coffee. So are positioning their offspring creators J. A. E. S. A. — a digital creature that knows how to listen, to learn, to adapt and even think.

Actually, the app to end users for free, but the project development requires funding, so the money to complete the development of the canadian company Ainova Robotics still collects on the Kickstarter crowdfunding exchange. The minimum bet in support of the project is $1.

Unlike Siri and other electronic assistants J. A. E. S. A. is able to sufficiently naturalistic to keep the conversation going to go if not in person then at least over a sufficiently advanced robot of the Hollywood blockbusters. By the way, the developers do not hide that inspired Jarvis — assistant chief hero “Iron man”.

For example, the question about what the meaning of life, the program ernichat: “Good semantic question. Life is the opposite of death”. With humor from the creators of J. A. E. S. A. in General, all is well. “Are You stoned?” AI replies, “Dude, I’m the server!”

Functionally, the program is not inferior to Siri: is able to turn on and off bluetooth, launch apps, make calendar entries, to search the Internet, translate on the fly many different languages, etc.

At speed on the iPhone is the brainchild of Ainova Robotics is slightly inferior to the built-in Siri. But on Android there are no fundamental differences in performance from Google Now was observed.

The creators claim, J. A. E. S. A. adapts to a specific user, remembers his habits, preferences, and thus becomes in fact an individual AI.