Just do it: 10 inspirational quotes from the founder of Nike, Phil Knight

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Phil knight, American businessman and legendary founder of Nike, recalls: there were times when money was so small that he could not afford good shoes. But that all changed, and now the knight is one of the richest people in the world. How did he do it? Quote of the hero.

1. In life there will always be conflicts. At work, in family, in business, the eternal struggle of order and chaos. You can’t take someone’s side, but you can influence. And how exactly you do this depends on your success.

2. Play by the rules, but be tough and fierce.

3. Maybe I’m overreacting, but I don’t like my competitors. I don’t want them I liked. I never cease to repeat its employees every success of competitors narrows down our options.

4. The last attempt — this is the only time you should not lose.

5. Sports like rock-n-roll is dominant in the world cultural space, speaks an international language and is full of emotions.

Just do it: 10 inspirational quotes from the founder of Nike, Phil Knight

6. 60 seconds is not much to explain, but when you show Michael Jordan, you don’t have to.

7. There is no special school or Institute where you will be able to find employees for the company, produces and sells running shoes. But there is a treadmill. If you do not understand: we are our clients.

8. I told myself: life is growth. You either grow or die.

9. The world was filled with wars, pain and suffering, and the daily routine was so tedious and sometimes unfair, that, I thought the only answer was to find some stunning, incredible dream, as an athlete, without hesitation and doubt, straight-forward, with dedication and devotion.

10. I am a person who always needs heroes.

And two more quotes that are a bonus, but I can please you almost more than all the previous ones:

“Turning to twenty-five young people, I would advise you not to settle for a job, profession or career. Search for calling. If you follow the calling, it will be easier to endure fatigue, failure will be heat, and a burst of energy will be what you never had”.

“Mother — our first coaches”.