What if the cause of all your pain is in the other!

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There’s a reason:

1. Headache

If you are constantly in stress and are experiencing serious overload — do not be surprised that your head hurts. The best way to beat the headache — to engage in relaxing practices, for example meditation or yoga. Dr. Christian Peterson insists that you need to follow the harmony of the emotional state, and the headache will recede.

2. Neck

The man who cannot forgive for something, complains of pain in the neck. Guilt paralyzes this place, from blame and remorse must remove urgently. To neck pain is gone, you need to learn to accept the world as it is, in all its forms. Lori D Ascenzo, doctor-chiropractor-kinesiologist, recommends to forgive yourself and others — this will benefit your health.

3. Shoulders

Chiropractor ROS Kitson explains that the shoulder area where lies the entire responsibility and care of the accompanying person. The best remedy against pains in the shoulders to share the burden of care from loved ones, to stop is to do by yourself.

4. Pain in upper back

This area is responsible for love, its reception or bestowal. Rhonda Digest, trainer and practitioner in self-development, believes that the pain in this place, it’s time to do your relationships with people, to try to balance the exchange of energy. To love and to give it evenly.

5. Loin

The lower back is responsible for financial Affairs, so if you’re dissatisfied with their financial situation, do not be surprised that the lower back often hurts. Dr. mark V. Tong warns that if the money does not give you no rest day nor night, you couldn’t earn or spend lots of money, it is fraught with serious health problems. It is reasonable to try and establish their relationship with money.

6. Elbows

Alan Fogel in the magazine “Psychology today” States that the elbows is a reflection of how much you mean to the outside world. Be kind, go on compromises, and this area will not have you hurt.

7. Hands

Through the hands of the majority of interactions with the outside world. Lori D Ascenzo claims that the pain in his hands evidence of a lack of communication with people or its overabundance. All should be in moderation, remember that.

8. Hip

Thigh are responsible for movement forward, in the future, I’m sure a chiropractor Barbara Clark. Don’t be afraid of change, look into the eyes of those events that you expect, and pain in the thighs will not be you to worry. To be flexible and open to new things are key to good mental and physical health.

9. Knees

Knees show problems with self-esteem. If the person is unfairly belittles yourself or elevate your ego over others, trouble with his knees he cannot escape. Lawrence Michel, a specialist in non-traditional Eastern medicine offers to treat yourself with humor and loving your ego.

10. Calf

Resentment and envy are concentrated in this place. Dr. Laura Perry advises to abandon the experience of these negative emotions and live with peace of mind, then there is no muscle tension will not deliver you discomfort.

11. Ankle

Fun defeat pain! Ankle — a case in point. The pain in this body part suggests that you can’t relax and enjoy the moment. Julie Douglas, the author of numerous books on self-knowledge, recommends to deprive yourself of the rewards and to enjoy life.

12. Foot

If you have sore feet, it’s time to learn to let go of negativity and problems, to stop focusing on the bad. Psychologist from California Adobe Anica believes that we should value every positive thing, but for serious problems to pay attention less, and they dissolve.

When you suffer emotional pain, the body suffers greatly. Why hurt himself? Only depends on you how to react to certain circumstances. Make life comfortable enough not to save in itself evil and concentrate on something positive. Try to think not as accustomed, you can do it! The body and mind will be healthier, and it’s so important…