How Instagram is breaking life young girls

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Thank you for the inspiration and chills. Join us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter learned the history of Essene O’neill — eighteen-year-old Australian model, who became famous thanks to Instagram. And that he almost ruined her life.

Essen said, she found that “drown in illusion”. In high school she started actively use social networks and YouTube, and after a while had more than 750 thousand subscribers on different platforms.

Becoming an online celebrity, the girl began to receive more offers from sponsors, we were able to fully support yourself on sponsorship money and even got an offer to work as a model in Los Angeles.

In her words, Essen was very miserable, felt lost and alone. She finally decided to live an authentic life and to consciously renounce the illusory world of social networking.

I just want to let young girls know that this isn’t real life, not cool and not inspiring. It’s not perfection in order to attract attention.

She shut down your blog in Tumblr and promised not to publish more videos on YouTube. In his latest video Essen appeared without makeup. She burst into tears in front of the camera, confessing that her life has become meaningless.

Also, the Australian has removed a few thousand images on Instagram and the caption to the remaining edited so that they begin to look like revelations.

How Instagram is breaking life young girls
The only thing that made me feel good the day was this photo. It is deeply depressing. To have the body in shape is not all that we human beings are capable of

How Instagram is breaking life young girls

There is nothing from the philosophy of Zen is to try to portray Zen, posing for pictures and trying to prove it to Instagram

How Instagram is breaking life young girls
Made more than 100 such positions in an attempt to get my stomach to look good. It is unlikely that we ate that day. Screaming at her, so she filmed me until, until I can be proud of the. Yes, that bad

How Instagram is breaking life young girls
At this point, I had pimples, there are a lot of makeup. I smiled because I thought that looked good. Happiness based on aesthetics suffocate your potential

How Instagram is breaking life young girls
I paid $ 400 so I was photographed in this dress. I know many Internet brands that pay up to two thousand for publication. There is nothing wrong, I just think that it should be known

How Instagram is breaking life young girls
I paid for that I wore these jeans and top

How Instagram is breaking life young girls
Was photographed to promote her sixteen year old body. It was my style. It’s so limited and incredibly unsafe, you have no idea

How Instagram is breaking life young girls
Here I was 16, just 16! I didn’t wear this outfit outside the house, put on clothes just for the photo. What’s the obsession to look older and passionate?

This recognition Essany not over. She decided to denounce the “happy” Instagram-couple who collect likes and post beautiful pictures in the romantic style.

How Instagram is breaking life young girls

Essen said that often these photos in Instagram is a lie. She herself got a business proposal in the spirit of “let us Instagram-mate. During your holiday in Thailand pictures girls actively commented on one young man – “famous male supermodel in the world of social networking.

It was the most beautiful person I have ever seen. I never thought that a guy would ever show interest in me. And he had more than a million followers on Instagram, – said Essen.

I wanted love and something real, I think everyone would like it, – sincerely the girl admitted.

When the young man called her and started to say, miss O’neill realized what’s really going on.

From the beginning, the guy was acting weird. He called Essen four hours in a row and sent her a huge amount of their self. He also asked in response to the selfie, and from Essene. A fan told her about the other couples in Instagram and offered the girl to meet to increase the number of subscribers, to do joint videos and earn good money.

Essen was horrified: I was 18 years old, I’m in Thailand, and this hunk supermodel offers me a business deal to enter into online relationships.

The Australian beauty later learned that in the world of social networking is a common practice: people combine them to have more subscribers.

On your website Let’s Be Game Changers, she’s planning to actively fight for gender equality, to promote the idea of veganism and the protection of the environment, and encourages people at least for some time to abandon the social networks.

How Instagram is breaking life young girls