Incredibly powerful movie about those who behind the scenes

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New year’s eve, Ferrero Rocher has released a video which touched the users of the network to the core.

It shows the story of a lighthouse Keeper, who for many years has been helping ships through difficult plot at sea: a beacon of light invariably takes them on a journey. The light Keeper never met those for whom it does its job. But on the eve of the New year thanks to the Ferrero Rocher is a small miracle.

However, to tell the content of the video makes no sense — it is easy to look. By the way, all his characters are real people, representatives of “marine specialties” for each of which the light of the lighthouse means a lot.

The video is dedicated to people who light up our lives, but they themselves remain in the shadows. We take their work for granted, but we don’t know who they are and what we live for. No matter how hard or easy their job is, they save our lives or drive a train, they do not expect reward or recognition but they certainly deserve it.

In each of our lives there are such people. After watching this movie we are decided that you will find them and thank. Reward those who are not looking for awards!