“I’m fed up with inquiring glances, and a discussion of the female body”

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Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston, like many other famous people, constantly is under a sight of cameras flashing, and her personal life becomes an occasion for discussion in many articles. Recently, the tabloids have once again suspected the actress in pregnancy and literally began to pursue her, not giving to live in peace.

Jennifer’s patience snapped, and she sent an open letter to put an end to gossip and to reach out to the curious. This is a real cry from the heart, and, perhaps, is to really think about the problem that she decided to raise it.

“Let me start with this: I’ve never tried to disprove the gossip. I don’t like to waste their strength in the industry lies, but I want to take part in the long debate that has already begun and must continue. And since I’m not on social media, I decided to write this letter.

I have to say: I’m not pregnant. But I’m fed up with scrutiny and discussion of my body, which is covered by the word “journalism”. Every day my husband and I were watching the aggressive photographers who are ready to follow us anywhere just to make a few frames. But now I would like to say about what has become of this crazy ritual.

If I represent a symbol for people, respectively, I is an example of the prism through which we as a society look at our mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, girlfriends and colleagues. This is a close examination under a magnifying glass, which we subject women disgusting. My images in the media — a reflection of how we see women, evaluating them for some warped standards of beauty.

Little girls since childhood absorbs what society imposes on them. We gladly accept that if the girl is not pretty enough or not too skinny, she’s not worthy of attention. And girls grow up with these beliefs. The tabloids are speculating on the “news” about celebrities, as we evaluate people by their appearance. Is she really pregnant? Or just eats a lot? How could she go out like that? Her marriage is crumbling because she’s not watching them?

"I'm fed up with inquiring glances, and a discussion of the female body"
Before I didn’t take the tabloids seriously, considering them to be ordinary soap Opera on the case when people want to escape. But I so can not speak: stalking and unwanted attention I experienced it myself for decades, and is a perverted reflection of women’s values.

Last month it became clear to me, how is the woman based on her marital and maternal statuses. A huge amount of effort is now applied by the press to find out whether I am or not, pointing out that a woman without children necessarily incomplete and unhappy. On the background of boring news about my personal life there are mass shootings, wildfires, race and many other events, which “journalists” could give their attention.

Here I want to say that we are complete as a partner, and without it, like a child, and without children. We have the right to control their bodies and to decide what figure is beautiful for us. And it is our and only our own decision. Let’s make informed decisions, setting an example for girls who look at us without the tabloid hype. We don’t have to get married or to have children, to become a full women. We can decide what “happily ever after” for us personally.

"I'm fed up with inquiring glances, and a discussion of the female body"
I’m tired of being a part of this story. Yes, I can someday become a mother, and I will be the first from whom you will learn. I resent the fact that supposed to feel uncomfortable just because they ate an extra hamburger and the picture with the bad angle scattered around the world, the question I pregnant or just fat, not to mention the painful awkwardness of congratulations from friends and colleagues.

Over the years I realized that soon the tabloids, unfortunately, will not cease to use these dangerous techniques. But we can change the situation, if you stop to respond to the toxic life news, who looked quite harmless. We can decide what we read and buy, and maybe one day the tabloids will have to remember about humanism, because people will simply stop reading that stuff.”