If you don’t know what to do with your life, read this

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Emotional exhaustion isn’t a rare problem. But fatigue and doubt (“see how well I do in life?” “Where am I to go?”) only a suitable occasion to rethink your priorities.

I remember when I was at University, I thought that I needed to choose a job, jobs where I’ll be happy the next 50 years of my life or even more. What a difficult task!

But the reality is that you never know what will bring you joy your entire life. You don’t even know what will make you happy in 5 years. But you know what gives you pleasure in the moment. And if your current situation is depressing, you need to move on. Life and that is to try different and realize what you don’t want or want to become in the future.
Remember a few simple truths:

1. Nobody can plan their future.

Remember, you don’t know what to expect. Life is full of surprises and unexpected twists. But if you do what you like, no matter the work it is for you or a hobby — it will make your journey through life much more fun.

2. Discomfort can be tolerated.

Sometimes in life we are not satisfied with something. For example, they may lack money for anything that you want to try. If you really want something, you will have to undergo some inconvenience in the way of achieving goals. For example, I want my own dog team to race in Alaska.

For this I had to give up his cozy clean home in the city and move to Alaska. We are often faced with a shortage of water and disruption in electricity and our cabin is much smaller than the former house. But we do not focus on the discomfort, because I live in a beautiful place and I’m on my way to fulfill his dream.

3. Life is changeable, it is better to learn to change with it.

Shit happens. Once I thought I have everything you can dream of: great job, gorgeous house in the woods. But I got fired, I lost the house, I turned 40 and it all happened in one week. Then I discovered that I was pregnant. She still having a great week. I spent a couple days depressed, lying on the couch, but then I had a plan and I went to Alaska. The circumstances can and should be used to your benefit. Every trouble is an opportunity for something more.

4. To delay action is not the best strategy.

We are not getting any younger. Unfortunately, that’s the truth. If you do not start to use time efficiently and fulfill their dreams, to end of life, you risk being left with nothing. If you really dream to achieve something — better to act. First steps the most difficult, but it is better to stay off the Internet and get to work. You will not move a millimeter, just wondering what heights you could achieve.

5. The questions will help you understand yourself.

Give yourself a little timegood idea. You can ask yourself the really important questions. And negligible. To understand myself. Meditate. Make a list of what you are interested and what you could do if you had enough time and money. Dream globally is difficult, but important. Quiet your mind with his eternal “but” and fantasize on this topic.

6. No need to rush to a whirlpool with a head.

If you have a job or hobby in which you are interested, try to do this on a Pro Bono basis, to understand whether this is something you want to do. Even the biggest and wildest dreams would not help you, if you neglect real action and experience. Sometimes it seems that we really want to do something, but, once again, we realize that it may not be quite what it seemed. It is very important to try before you radically change life in favor of questionable prospects.

7. It is important to make savings.

If you need to relocate or to take courses, to fulfill his dream, it would be appropriate to start to earn money. I worked for years on my editorial portfolio was impressive enough to work at home. And now I have the ability to edit articles from my tiny shack, to get money for it and pay them the necessary equipment and food for dogs. I’d like to dog racing, and bringing me income? Of course. But I still can only create and train my team, so it’s impossible. I have no experience in the Iditarod, but has a reputation as a writer. So I’m doing one of your favorite work in order to pay another.

8. “Yes!” to new opportunities.

Chance to change life for the better might lie right under your nose, but you can just ignore and, therefore, miss out on. Do not miss the opportunity. Sometimes they appear at the wrong time, but you can’t affect it. However, it is in your power to open the door — or the opportunity may go and knock on someone else.

When you are trying to figure out what to do with your life, remember: no action is not an action in itself. To make decisions and trying is the most important thing, even if in some cases you’ll be unhappy with your decisions. At the end of your life you won’t regret risked and faced with setbacks. But certainly not will be glad that you didn’t try at all.

Turn off the laptop and start living.