This man did what the strength is not for everyone! Strong!

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John Owens is an avid fisherman and hunter. Unlike scoundrels, especially the chasing of rare animals, this man strictly adheres to local laws.

At home, John allowed to hunt coyotes, as brood animals began to cause serious harm to the ecosystem. The trap, which put Owens was specifically designed for them. But when checking the traps revealed that she got an unexpected prey.

In the grass, waiting for people, lay the huge gray wolf. Hunt them in their native lands of John is prohibited, and to kill such a handsome man for sure would not.

So he without any hesitation decided to release the animal back into the forest. At first I had no idea how Owens will succeed, but his clever idea with a large Board have been very effective!

Fortunately, modern trap, which was used by the hunter, not crippled the beast’s paw. Now the handsome wolf again returned home, and shot John video became quite popular on the Internet.

The hunt can be treated differently, but the act of the Owens clearly dispels the myth that all lovers of this activity — the bloodthirsty monsters!