How to motivate yourself all the time?

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How often we find myself and their companions slipped here or there a sentence: “Yes, I want… to go on courses to lose weight, go to other faculty, to write a novel that began in childhood, to spend more time (there is a choice: family, children, girls, boys and so on), but I don’t have time!”.
And then I was hooked thought: Hey, we all repeat this sentence like parrots! Why? How to motivate yourself and get you to do something that you have “no time”?

Let’s start with the fact that “no time” is nothing more than a convenient excuse to do nothing. Basically, this phrase slips in several cases: it’s hard to start to learn a new field, and it’s a subconscious fear of postponing it for later, a person does not want to do what he lays, but he is under pressure from public opinion, and he is forced to say it (the same the weight loss: not all fat women are interested in beautiful and trim figure, and so well!) and finally, there is simply no specific purpose. Example: you want to learn French, Chinese, Japanese or any other language, but you have in your head slips thought: “And why is it I really want? How will I practice?”. And in the end postpone plans to the back burner.

It turns out, most of the “I have no time” is due to the lack of desire and, primarily, the lack of a specific plan and GOALS, what you will do. How to deal with it?

How to motivate yourself all the time?

So first and most important: write! Write all!

If you want to do something, write in two columns: WHAT I want to do and what I want to do it. Once identified the goal is to write an intermediate specific steps that will be needed to achieve the goal and to submit them to the weekly-month-day TO DO LIST. This method is very well illustrated by the example of the “Pyramid Franklin”.

Second. How to get yourself to take action? Plan!

Once you made a plan, you already have a specific goal, you can start to go in small steps. But if that is not enough, use the structure “IF-THEN” and “IF NOT-THEN NOT”. Hang on walls, mirrors, floors, doors, wherever you want! For example: “If I do this now, then I won’t have to do it then in a hurry.” “If I’m going to make these morning runs, I don’t have to sit on a hard diet”. “If I’m at least twenty minutes a day to give reading out loud in Spanish, I will overcome the language barrier”. And so on to infinity.

How to motivate yourself all the time?

Third. Take yourself on the weak!

Sometimes people leave a particular activity because of the lack of growth and movement. Constantly raise the bar, at least for a little bit. Force yourself to take new heights, transform the case into a game with myself and do not notice included in the excitement.

Fourth. “To DO LIST”

As has been written: make a “to DO LIST” for the week, the month, day, and pass each level that you have planned for the day. Make up the day and a percentage of what you have accomplished and not accomplished.

Fifth. Creation of a certain ideal of what you want to strive for

So your goal will be visualized. You know the saying: “who lead – and rack up?”. Look for a company of people better than you. By interacting with successful individuals, you will become like them. It’s human nature, and sometimes the herd instinct can be turned into a benefit. Once I went to the training from the “Institute-12” and the lecturer said is very correct phrase: “let’s See who’s in your address book. If you find there at least 100 people richer than you, you will sooner or later unwittingly become the same.”

How to motivate yourself all the time?

Sixth: in depth study of the subject, which is passionate about

Read, watch, learn. In the 21st century there are all the possibilities! This will help not lose interest and keep it at the proper level.

That’s basically all that I need to start working on self-organization itself.