8 tips on how to love women

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Question asked by yourself millions of men around the world.

Likestory.net knows the answer to this question.

1. Accept her social role

The social role of women in the modern world is very diverse. There are a girl-mom, a girl-children, a girl-tomboy in skirts, there are cute and modest, a socialite etc.

The social role of women in the modern world is very diverse. There is a girl-mom, girl-eternal children of a girl-Tomboy in skirts, there are cute and modest, and there is a socialite.
And to ignore this is silly. Such a Union no good will not result.

Initially, the partners should discuss what they expect from each other. It is quite normal. It is much worse when you dreamed about the girl who will stay at home, raise children and cook the soup, and she wanted to devote her life to a career, or travel the world.

8 tips on how to love women
2. Respect her opinion

No one takes away the role of the chief in the relationship. But you should hear how she believes in this or that situation, to hear what she wants. We’re not talking about the little things .But all important decisions you should make together!

3. Do not disappear without warning

Nobody says that you have to chastise for every step. But if you got into some trouble, ran into old friends or you just need to stay at work, tell her. Women really worried. That’s their nature.

4. Darn things in the house

Just as you admire her ability to cook something tasty from what’s in the fridge, and women admire your ability to fix things in the house. In their eyes it looks very manly!

5. Be sensitive and attention to her

Women are very offended when you don’t pay them enough attention. Most often it happens like this: a woman walks always unhappy and you have no idea what it involves.

Remember, they are much more sensitive to us. And what seems to you a trifle, not worth attention, for it can be very important.

Tip: if a woman is silent for a long time, sound an alarm.

8 tips on how to love women
6. Learn to criticize correctly

Always telling the truth is a good trait, and if you are not satisfied with something in your woman, you need to tell her, but it must be done correctly. How? First, compliment her, and after gently point out the flaws.

7. Give gifts

All women love gifts. And flowers is not a waste of money. Is her smile worthy of a single rose?

Remember that most in the man repels greed!

And don’t forget important dates. And the day you met, first kiss, wedding anniversary is also a very important date.

8. Make compliments about her appearance

First you admired her beauty, and after a while you start to be taken for granted. Look beautiful is also labor. She tries it for you! Because you hurt, if she ceases to notice all that you do for her?

8 tips on how to love women