An hour before the betrayal or the kind of women that men do not miss

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I like it when women have eyes “languishing”. These women are very different from the usual, with dimmed eyes.

An hour before the betrayal or the kind of women that men do not miss

The most basic feature by which they distinguish in the crowd — these women walk differently. More resilient, and confident. They have stronger nerves and better mood. Because, whatever may be said about the immortal feminine soul, but self-confident a woman feels in only one case — when she is desired. All the rest is strung with strings of nerves, tears and tantrums. A woman is generally is a mysterious creature with a pair of shoes and hair dye can do such things that men for many years to clean up. Tested!

All in love, flirting or allowing love women eyes. No wonder Pakistan for one hot look to a man to poison can apparently know that eyes are even more powerful than the priest. Until my eyes burn, ass can be pumped. And when the eyes went out — and there is already nobody cares what your butt. And you in the first place.

When a woman is healthy, confident, successful, active, and knows what is beautiful — then she certainly eyes burn. Well on men, it reacts differently. Not the fact that admit to himself, but loves the compliments and eyes shoots Oh-Oh-Oh. And I, for my part, this behavior strongly approve.

But I want you to clearly understand: high passionate tone is not the betrayal itself, but only its probability. If the probability is high, then the husband, most likely, a wife admires, and honors his conjugal duty. If the probability is low, or worse, zero, the woman that taste like fresh baby food, vegetables, if someone’s been sneaking. There, the girl on the other side of the monitor, you ate, I know.

In short, high passionate tone for women is wonderful. But cheating, not so much. Especially if it is a betrayal not of irreconcilable contradictions (drinking, hits, walks), and if this is treason, which is accompanied by the wording: tired husband. The woman herself does not know what bad. To formulate the claim. Talks — tired. Do not like. Don’t want to. No emotion, nothing. Sitting, thinking: what to do?

We have the same women as drug addicts. They youth know one or two ways to get sharp emotions. The first way is to secretly get drunk in the night cakes, and the second method is the sudden change of her husband. Moreover, this choice is easy to explain. Cakes cheap, and Horny guys, ready to shake a leg to your tune and entertain you for lovemaking even cheaper. These are generally five cents per bundle are almost any age, most amazing.

Well, the woman begins itself the “emotions” look. Kind of Affairs: I went to the bath. And then you and shame, and guilt, and pleasant drawing in the abdomen erotic memories, and hope for a relationship, and even a slight increase in self-esteem. And maybe even a slight improvement in appearance, each accompanying a crush. And maybe a new novel. With the storms of the passions.
The question is that in the long run the new relationship nothing is the best than the former, usually do not end there. To destroy the family is as stupid and futile as to demolish the house when you just need to redecorate.

So the woman, the life of which lost emotions, I think, you should not rush into a new relationship. When it becomes unbearable, and it seems that they were in the swamp is enough to take care of high passionate tone. To the eye back out. And this is achieved by working on yourself, your favorite hobby/thing and diet. Well, you understand me.

For me, a real woman should look like an hour before the infidelity. But always stop before her.