Why, to be happy, we must get out of comfort zone

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Likestory.net explains why it is so important to do what we do not like.

What to eat for Breakfast low-fat yogurt or fruit salad when all you want is pancakes with caramel syrup or Belgian waffles with whipped cream and strawberries? However, bacon and eggs, too, went as children to school. Why go to the gym when the sweat is flowing, the breath will become heavy and possibly, at the end of training even slightly darkened eyes? Why clean the apartment or to repay debts? In all of this so fun.

Why, to be happy, we must get out of comfort zone

But seriously, it’s just so happened. Maybe laziness or lack of motivation to blame, but it’s probably just some kind of natural resistance. Well we all want to get from life as much as possible of all good, not hitting it with a finger.

But what is still the essence of exit from the zone of comfort? Honestly, the answer is very simple. If you do this, your health will improve, you will hardly suffer from multiple sclerosis, a bunch of other diseases, it will be easier to take up those cases which seemed to you such unpleasant.

Everyone has to decide how to allocate their time when doing work, and when carelessly lying on the couch. The most important thing is to stay happy and get pleasure from life.

Seriously, sooner or later it will begin to bring joy. Do it just because one day you decided that.

The first few minutes before you start training and really want to climb back under the covers, take a box of cookies or order a pizza and have a marathon viewing of your favorite series. But let’s face it: no results it will not, except momentary pleasure and permanent remorse. The same applies to work. You can like your boss and colleagues, but sometimes you want to throw in the towel — again, back in bed. When you sleep all day, eat everything you can and can not find reasons not to go to the gym, something still bothers you. You are not experiencing absolute comfort. But you will begin to experience when you’re pleased with yourself. And to be happy with yourself, you need to constantly work on themselves. It’s simple.

When your life is like a series of bored, automatically recurring events, opting diets and going to the gym seems unreal. After all, you need to Wake up early to go Jogging, cook a damn healthy Breakfast, be on time for work and still somehow manage to have lunch, choosing healthy food. And what about when opportunities to do everything just yet?

Thomas Edison said, “When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember that it is not so.” You can trust him, don’t you think?

Why, to be happy, we must get out of comfort zone

Maybe green salad with cucumber — not your favorite dish and you do not cherish the thought that soon will be in the gym and begin pedaling the bike. To one day to start eating fruits and vegetables, exercise and eventually to love themselves more and my reflection in the mirror, you have to do things you don’t like. You can assume that they are not feasible, what you don’t know how to do them, and that they are somewhere very far outside of your world of comfort. But to go beyond these limits need to be what you want to be and feel the way you want to feel.

Do not look for any special motivation or wait for a sign. Just start. Right here, right now.

Why, to be happy, we must get out of comfort zone