What happens if you make the plank every day

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One of the easiest ways to bring your body in shape is to perform bodyweight exercises. Plank is one of those exercises, it does not require much time, but gives a noticeable result in a short time. We decided to explain in detail what happens to the body when you start to pay much attention to the plank.

When you run the bar in the first place to develop the abdominal muscles, which perform an important function in our body. Abdominal muscle is the only muscle group that is not attached to the bones. This means that they must support the back and spine, protecting them from various injuries. To abdominal muscles coped with this task, you will need to train core muscles, making them very strong. This can be achieved and need help with daily run of the plank. So what will actually change in the body, if you do it every day? Now explain!


1. Improving the terrain and work the core muscles

As you already know, plank is the perfect exercise for developing abdominal muscles, because its implementation involves all the core muscles: the transverse abdominal muscle, straight abdominal, external oblique and gluteus Maximus. It is important to strengthen each group of muscles to achieve visible changes. For example:

– a developed transverse abdominis will make it easier to lift a heavy weight;
– trained rectus abdominis will increase endurance, especially when performing jumps, and also will be cherished six-pack abs;
– with the help of well-developed oblique muscles will be easier to do bending and twisting;
– pumped glutes is not only beauty, but additional back support.

What happens if you make the plank every day

2. Reducing the risk of back injuries and spine

The advantage of strips over other exercises is that it allows you to build up your muscles, preventing strain on the back and hips. According to experts of the American Council on exercise, regular trims will not only strengthen the muscles but will ease back pains (if you already have them), as well as provide support for the entire back, especially its upper part.

3. Metabolism improvement

Plank is a real challenge to the entire body. Performing this exercise every day, you will burn more calories than conventional exercises for abdominal muscles — such as the crunches and sit-UPS. This option saves those who are forced to lead a sedentary lifestyle and are “tied” all day to computer. In addition, if you do a plank every day for 10 minutes in the morning, this will ensure a fast metabolism for the entire day (even while you sleep).

What happens if you make the plank every day
4. Changing posture

Plank is also a great way to improve posture. By strengthening the core muscles, it will be easier to keep the back straight, because the abdominal muscles influence the condition of your neck, shoulders, chest and back.

5. Improving balance

Have you ever caught yourself trying to stay on one foot, fall over a few seconds? No, it’s not what you had — just your abdominal muscles are not strong enough to enable you to keep the balance. To cope with this will help of side strap, which will also improve athletic endurance in General.

What happens if you make the plank every day
6. The flexibility of the body

Development of flexibility is another advantage of the crossbar. When performing this exercise, stretch the back muscle groups (shoulders, scapula, clavicle), oblique muscles and at the same time, tense thighs, fingers and feet. This makes it easier to hold the weight of your own body.

7. Benefits for the nervous system

The strap has a particular effect on the nerves, resulting in improved mood. How is it connected? When you make the bar stretch those muscles that generate stress and tension in the body. Think about it: we often spend all day in a chair at home or at work, our muscles at this time are heavy, bent, we begin to slouch — it all promotes the “accumulation” of stress in the body. Strap can not only clean up the brain and get rid of unnecessary anxiety and even symptoms of depression.
What happens if you make the plank every dayIt turns out that the bar can truly be called the perfect exercise for the whole body. However, the result can only be noticed when it is a simple but very effective exercise will become your habit. Are you ready to spend just 5-10 minutes a day in order to have a slim, strong, and most importantly, healthy body?

Go ahead, start right now!