What happened with couple on vacation, discussed then the whole world!

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Of course, each of us at least once in your life watched the legendary film “Free Willy” and empathized with the poor animal, choking on tears and wondering at the cruelty of people.

Ever since I first saw this picture, I was tormented by the question: would I to the mammal, as the boy Jesse, or would remain indifferent?

One bright day the author of this video, as well as other vacationers, just enjoyed a vacation on the beach close to Rio de Janeiro. The ocean was incredibly beautiful, so the man decided to shoot a beautiful landscape. Suddenly he noticed something strange in the water.

It is something approaching to the shore, and soon all the campers could see a school of dolphins, which inevitably swam towards death. Fortunately, the reaction of most men on the beach was a breeze. Just look what they do!

Strong ocean currents threw 30 dolphins on shore. These men certainly deserved the applause at the end: after all, they provided an invaluable service to mother nature. It’s great when people do not show indifference.