A glass of champagne will save you from dementia?

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It turns out that champagne has a positive effect on some brain cells.

Three glasses of champagne a day could prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s disease – reported by the Western media. Finally, a glass of champagne in the morning can not afford not only the aristocrats, but ordinary people who care about their health.

These revolutionary news based on a study by British scientists from the University of reading (I wonder, were funded by the alcohol lobby?). The researchers found that if you drink a little champagne every day, the spatial memory (the ability to navigate and remember the way) is greatly improved. Champagne usually consists of a mixture of three grape varieties – Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. The last two varieties of black grapes, which contains phenolic acids that reduce the risk of inflammation and protect brain cells.

Sounds great, but while the sense of this study a bit. The fact that your miraculous function champagne showed only when tested on rats. Rats were divided into three groups of eight individuals: the first group was added to the feed champagne, the second – the other alcoholic drink and the third soft. In six weeks, the researchers sent all the rats in the maze: those that drank champagne, coped with the task better than others.

When scientists examined the brains of rats under a microscope, it was found that in rats, using champagne, an increased amount of proteins, stimulating the formation of cells that are involved in the setting up of mechanisms of memory and learning. In particular, these individuals had more of the protein dystrophin in the hippocampus region of the brain, which, in particular, is responsible for the transition of short-term memory into long-term and is involved in the mechanism of formation of emotions.

A glass of champagne will save you from dementia?

People in these experiments have not yet participated, so it is not known whether champagne to act similarly on the human brain. But for a reason rodents are often used to test new drugs for human diseases – stroke, heart disease, diabetes and breast cancer.

So is there any practical benefit from this research? Lovers of champagne will be disappointed: the rat gave less than 2 ml per kilogram of body weight – the human equivalent is about 1.5 glasses of wine per week. Besides, if your diet is fruit and vegetables, you are already receiving phenolic acid in sufficient quantity. Especially useful mango, berries, apples and citrus.

There are a number of more serious studies proving that regular exercise and a balanced diet is much more conducive for the preservation of clear mind and memory than regular consumption of champagne.

If you still believe in the healing benefits of this drink, use medical advice of the 19th century – at that time the doctors sincerely believed that champagne can get rid of kidney stones and to cure anemia.

Catch more interesting facts about champagne

1. Flying cork from champagne can reach the speed of 100 km/h.

A glass of champagne will save you from dementia?
2. In many forms of racing it is accepted that after the ceremony of awarding the race winner and the winners of the second and third place, awaiting a shower of champagne. This tradition originates from the 1960: the first champagne others watered racer Dan gurney. In 1967, he won a victory in the daily marathon “24 hours of Le Mans and at the end of the race the organizers gave him a bottle of champagne. Gurney was so excited with this victory that immediately uncorked the bottle and began to spray its contents on everyone who was standing next to him. Since then, the custom has become so common that even when holding races in countries of the Islamic world (where alcohol is banned) for the “soul” of champagne are preparing a special fizzy soft drinks.

3. Sailors usually use champagne in the ritual of the descent ship on the water, breaking the bottle on the ship.

4. These champagne glasses have an inner wall of the micro-embossed layer to the bubbles sticking to the sides[citation 625.

5. Fourth of August is world birthday champagne.

6. The pressure in the champagne bottle — about 630 kPa, which is approximately three times more than in a car tire.

7. The highest recorded length of the flight, champagne corks was 54.2 meters.

8. The bubbles in champagne were initially considered by vintners to be spam.

9. Raisins or a piece of chocolate dipped in a glass of sparkling wine will repeatedly sink and re-emerge.

10. About shallow glasses of champagne went about the rumor that their shape was copied from a wax impression of the breast of Marie Antoinette.

A glass of champagne will save you from dementia?