How to get married following just 5 rules

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It has already been plunged into family life, we become literate and with knowledge can give advice on how to marry right and left inexperienced and inexperienced girlfriends. But immediately, having neither knowledge nor experience, focusing only on their own intuition and feelings as myself to answer this vital question, not to get lost and not miss? Read effective tips on how to get married on and enjoy the result!

Such an important thing like marriage, is based not only on your desire, but, rules-relations psychology, invented, alas, not you. And after reading these rules, learning to respect them, you will easily be able to win the heart and hand any you guy and to solve the question of how to marry a decent man, while becoming a wonderful wife.

Before you decide whether to get married, you first need to realize that for a prosperous family life enough to love itself, it is necessary that the feeling was mutual and strong. You must be an interesting man to such an extent that he yearned for you, wanted to be with you, experience discomfort when you’re not around. And therefore arm yourself with patience and self-control and learn to manage their emotions. Nobody said it was easy, but the result is worth it, isn’t it?

Rule № 1. Convey calmness, peace and happiness

The mask on the face is not the same. You must be absolutely sincere in their emotions. You’re a living person, and cool or anger is not alien to you. But at the heart of your identity should be of optimism and cheerfulness is like a magnet for guys. You have a Sunny smile and glowing eyes, you never complain about life and not whine over nothing, with you easy and comfortable, and any problems pale in comparison – from a girl or a man do not even think to go anywhere.

Rule № 2. Watch yourself

Give due time and attention to their appearance, figure, health. By the way do sports or dance, get dressed, feminine and tasteful, watch the manicure, change your hair, follow a diet, but without fanaticism. Men are attracted to well-groomed women. It does not drag him along the boutiques and salons – let him enjoy the result, and do not delve into the intricacies of the process. And by the way, if you are bright and attractive (but not vulgar), if you are like others, if you accompany the affectionate glances of the other men, and not just your chosen one – that’s a plus in your piggy Bank, and he will not miss, for sure.

How to get married following just 5 rules

Rule № 3. Your life should be interesting and full

The man should see that you’re not sitting at the window waiting for a date, you’re not fixated solely on his person, you in addition do a great many things! And it should be really so. Therefore, apart from the main work, sign up for interesting workshops, clubs, seminars. Do a nice favor to the man, squeezing a meeting with him in his busy schedule. Talk to him on the phone no more than 10-15 minutes and always finish the first conversation. First, you will not have time to annoy each other, and secondly, he will feel in you business flair, you will understand that you have a tight schedule and very bright, full, dynamic life, part of which he will want to get.

Rule № 4. Let the man get you wins

By nature every man is a hunter, provider, the conqueror. Remember – each! Available prey that is easy to get, without any special effort, in the end, he was not interested. Don’t call first, don’t invite to meetings and throw the idea out of your head about sex on the first date. You have to be intriguing, exciting, mysterious, unread book, untold story – remember Shahrezada. But because she does not rush attached to it, limit yourself, don’t lose your head, balance on the point when you are ready to part with him, let him feel that this relationship is more in need of him, not you. Feeling that can you to lose, the man is willing to do much to keep such woman, until the proposal of marriage.

Rule № 5. Don’t tell the man about marriage

In any case, in conversation with a guy don’t say the phrase “I want to marry.” Are you under this concept implies a family, comfort, home, children, concern, joy and sadness in half. The man responds to desire a marriage like an ostrich scare – head against the asphalt and his feet in his hands. That is the stereotype. Most of them are afraid of restriction of freedom, expense, liability, wife-shrew, and the children, too. Very different sound casually dropped the phrase: “How nice to have a strong reliable man’s shoulder and support” or “So good to feel the unity of thoughts” or “What happiness to take care of a near and dear man.” Meaning, in General, is the same, and how tempting it sounds! You wisely should bring him to the thoughts of his family, but to do it in a way that he considered these thoughts with his own.

How to get married following just 5 rules