Found the secret of male attractiveness. And it’s not muscles and humor.

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We used to think that women are attracted to men if masculine looks, sense of humor. But scientists have recently found that in the first place are not the muscles and the ability to laugh. It turns out that the most important quality in men women find altruism, that is, the habit of doing good deeds and helping people.

Scientists as conspiracy and held on this subject several studies. Men will likely be interested in the findings of scientists from Canada, which found a remarkable fact — they argue that men tend to help others, make love more often indifferent bastards all other.

Found the secret of male attractiveness. And it's not muscles and humor.

During the filming of the movie “Silver Linings Playbook” Bradley Cooper bought hundreds of winter coats for homeless people and personally handed them out.

Researchers asked unmarried Canadians, as they often did good works, transferred money to charity or helping someone dig out the car from under the snow, and then asked questions about their personal life. As it turned out, kind men really are more woman— they meet up for their lives with lots of girls and their friends less “headache”.

In another study, the researchers asked the women to choose their two men — for long-term relationships and for one date. Offered them some men — handsome men and the most common. Half of them were doing charity work or has committed any act of kindness and half not — it was stated in the description to the pictures.

For one-night stands women more often chose the selfish, but attractive men. For a relationship for life they prefer the good of men, regardless of, they shone with beauty or not.

Found the secret of male attractiveness. And it's not muscles and humor.

Brad Pitt has built hundreds of houses for families affected by the floods in New Orleans. He personally monitored the process at all stages.

Turns out that women consider altruism as an indicator of whether a man is a good father and husband, with whom you can build a long and responsible attitude. By the way, this study involved men, and they chose a companion for life is also first and foremost for a good heart — as the future mother of his children.

Of course, the importance and sense of humor, and attractiveness. The ability to subtly make a joke, for example, helps a woman to understand that her choice is smart. But if a man has a slight temper and a kind heart, beauty is not important at all.

Found the secret of male attractiveness. And it's not muscles and humor.