Found eight interesting secrets of the good guys

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We’ll tell you about the types of guys who want to get every mother for her daughter. About a guy who seemingly have some positive qualities: does not smoke, does not drink, polite, well-read, experiencing about their appearance. Is not it a dream? But only these guys have their secrets!

LikeStory below will tell you what the girls have to worry when choosing a guy:

Found eight interesting secrets of the good guys

1. Most of these guys have character type: the perfect mattress! They are very slow and choose workarounds, but with the pace and the whole life is not enough to reach to the goal.

2. The “good guys” will not stop you in dealing with your friend.

3. When he wants to call you out on a date, he will not have the courage to say it to you face, most likely he will write you a note. Your communication fun and friendly. After a while you get bored and you leave him, and he will revel in tears. These guys are just cowards.

4. The good guys always want to please you! They think that the intelligent and honest and noble. And always try to keep this image. They thought can’t afford to do something wrong. Good guy craves your approval and praise.

5. These guys love to look, to analyze the issue from all sides, to instruct, this is a good quality for scientific experiments, but not for a romantic relationship.

6. They idolize and are afraid to lose you. They are convinced that they have to admire you. And this is true in part. But it must be justified, but not willfully.

Found eight interesting secrets of the good guys

8. The good guys accumulate a lot of non-existent problems. For a long time, they are in a relationship with an imaginary image of a girl. They do come up with a romantic image, which is different from the present.

Girl you should know that having a good guy you will have even more problems!